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buying a breast pump

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looking for some insight...
I have a chance to buy a hospital grade pump for a very good price(cheaper then most pumps at the store) but it is 6 years old. I don't really pump now bc i have a hand pump that i hate using and i'm a sahm anyway. But i'd love to have a freezer stash and i plan on having more children so i think it would be worth it...
But i don't know if i should be worried bc the pump is 6 years old? And when i go to look at it is there specific things to look for/at ?
thanks for your help
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It seems very old

My feeling is that a breast pump that is six years old is not worth buying unless you have to pump and have no other option. Unless it is a proper hospital grade hire pump, it is likely that the motor will not be working properly or will have very little life left in it. There are also some concerns about using second-hand breast pumps. You might like to read these articles before you decide whether to even consider buying the pump: Are Used Breast Pumps a Good Option? Issues to Consider and Used Breast Pumps.

Have you considered learning to express breast milk manually? You can watch a video on this here. It is something that can be useful, even after the first few days and weeks.
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Would they let you test it? Hospital grade pumps are used by multiple people with different kits, so if you have a kit, that should be just fine hygiene-wise.

Are you getting it at a medical surplus sale? (I'm imagining that 6 years is maybe just how long they keep one of these in a lactation room at the hospital.)
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