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2011 IBCLC exam

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Is anyone here planning to sit for the 2011 IBCLC exam? I have finally earned all my requirements and will be applying as soon as the applications are available. I'd love to connect with others who are going to be getting ready for the exam in the next 10 months (exam date 7/25/11). Maybe do some online study sessions together or just bounce ideas off eachother.
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Hello! I am taking the exam in 2011.

I'm taking pathway 3 and am currently in my mentorship for the 500 clinical hours. I'm doing my classwork with Lactation Education Resources (Vergie Hughes).
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Me!!!! So excited.
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I'm thinking about it. Let me tell you my plan and see if you think it is doable.

I've been a LLL leader for 3 1/2 years, so I already have the clinical hours.

At this point the background health courses are only "recommended" for Pathway 1, so I'm hoping to skip those. Although, I am also a medical transcriptionist, so I have had some of that training already.

Then I was hoping to attend the Healthy Children's Center for Breastfeeding 5-day workshop (45 hours) in February, while also reading and studying for the exam on my own.

If I wait until 2012 to test, then the college-level health courses are required and with 3 kids and a full-time job it would be YEARS before I could be ready.

What do you ladies think?

P.S. I also have an Annabelle!
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I wasn't initially planning to sit next year (I'm pretty busy with finishing up pre-requisites for nursing school; I'm a second-degree BSN/MSN candidate) but with the changes for 2012 I realized I'd be crazy not to do it now. I'll be doing pathway 1, have been a LLL leader since 2001 so have MORE than enough hours there while the health course aren't mandatory yet, I will have all of them done by the exam time b/c of nursing school reqs. I've got about 10 hours towards the 45 required so far, and probably going to do a hybrid of local training (I'm blessed to have a stellar, world renowned lactation educator locally!!) and online classes, most likely at health e-learning.
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Jumping in here with a quick question for those using LLL hours for clinical requirements...how do they tally those up? Is it based on the times on your helping logs? Does telephone helping count?

Sorry to just jump in, but it's been a question on my mind for a while....I have only been a leader for about a year and a half, so I don't think I have the hours yet, but I am curious as to what exactly counts and what doesn't
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LLL Leaders get 500 hours a year, the year being from the time you were accredited. If you think that you do more bfing support then that a year then you can petition for more hours. You do not have to calculate hours like medical professionals do, just your 500 hours a year and then whatever the current # of clinical hours they are requiring.

I used my LLL hours to sit for the exam.
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I am sitting for the exam next year!!

I have the required hours from being a LLL Leader as well. I worked as a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor for WIC and got all my education hours for free. Then I paid to go to ILCA, Hale and LLL conferences last summer. I want to get some more hours working with local IBCLC's.

I used a countdown clock last night before reading this thread and there are 265 days left until the exam.
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I am! I am recertifying after letting my ICBCLC lapse due to monetary and family issues. I'd be happy to do an online study/support group and might be able to offer some pointers since I took it once already. Glad to see so many are taking it
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I am interested in an online study/support group. I know one IBCLC that is re-certifying in my area but that is all for local support.
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I'm planning on sitting in 2011 via Pathway 1. I still need to take my 45hr class. Molly Pessl's class through Evergreen Perinatal Education is supposedly coming to my town this spring, hopefully before the April application deadline. I've taken other classes with her and she's great!

Where did you see that the specific date is 7-25-11? From what I see on the IBCLE website the application guide is supposed to come out this month, but I can't find it.

Seeing a specific date makes it more real! Eek!

Do you know-- does the 45hr class just need to be done and your CEU certificate in hand before you can apply? Plus the required 1000 clinical hours? I know it says everything needs to be "done" but how do you prove that?

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If your application is not complete, meaning you haven't finished the hours or the class when applying then you pay a fee for an incomplete application, I think it was about $100.00. There is a certain date that everything must be finished by which will be on the application guide when it is released. There will be 3 different application deadlines next year, each one gets more expensive as time goes on. The exam date will be on the website somewhere, they release it far in advance.

You write out where your class was, dates, clinical hours, etc.... They don't require physical proof with the application BUT they select random people to request all the physical proof to make sure everything matches up. You don't want to take the chance and say you were finished with a class by an x date when it really was later in case you are picked to provide documentation.
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The exam is always the last Monday in July. Next year = July 25th
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I would love to join in a study group online!!!  can we set that up, like ASAP?!

I'm planning to sit for it in 2011 too.  I'm also an LLL leader and I'm taking the Breast Ed series of 10 classes at Health E Learning now. 





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I plan to sit for the IBCLC exam in 2011, and it happens to fall on my birthday. I'm a CPM, LLL Leader, and CLC- so Pathway 1 for me. I'm considering taking a Marie Biancuzzo workshop to prep. Any thoughts?

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I am planning to sit the exam in 2011 too. I would love an online study/support group! i also am going through pathway 1.

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Hi Ladies - Come join our online study/support group.


Here is the link - http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/2011IBLCEStudyGroup/


We're trying to get a really good organized group together online so come help us out.

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Hi - do you mind if I join?  I'm planning to take the exam in 2012.

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I'm an L&D nurse and I'm planning/hoping to take the exam, too.  Trying to get all my CEU's completed.  Also thinking about a cram course.  Geez, it's all so expensive when added up!  I'm going to also join the study group.  Thanks.

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just joined the study group!  I'm in between semesters right now, so trying to get one of the health-e learning courses done before spring semester starts!

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