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I feel huge also but I have only gained 3 lbs and I'm almost 22 weeks. Apparently I'm not as huge as I feel because people seem surprised when I tell them I am pregnant. I know with DD I had gained a lot more weight by now but I'm glad I haven't gained so much this time around. With DD I gained over 50 lbs and had only lost about 30 when I got PG again. So I was still carrying about 25 lbs extra when I got PG and I'm really hoping not to see the same numbers on the scale that I saw last time! I'm a petite girl to begin with (5' 3") so 55 lbs was a lot of weight to gain (and lose!!)
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i'm huge. definitely huge. in the past 2 days i've had one guy comment "not long now!" (um, 3.5 months....not long?) and one woman ask me if it was twins. i've worn maternity clothes forever, and really.. most people i know, when they're this big, they're about to pop. can't wait to see what i look like 15 weeks from now. egad.
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If I wear maternity clothing I feel, and look huge. There's something about the draping in the that seems to make me look an extra ten pounds. I feel so much better wearing yoga pants or shorts and a fitted top that doesn't just drop off the largest part of my belly.
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