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My son has Lymes Disease

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..from a tick bite. He has the ring. Dr didnt even test him but put him on 20 days of antibiotics. Im overseas and not finding much support "Oh, he'll be fine" is what I am hearing, but this IS Lymes disease. He seems very tried and now has diarhea from the antibitoics despite probiotics.Ive doubled up his Juice Plus I know there are other threads but Ive just spent 30 min looking for answers. What else do I need to be doing? DO we need to do a follow up blood test???
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Oh mama, how scary! My son had Lyme disease last summer as well at only 2.5 years old. I found the ring from the tick bite and was terrified. His doctor also didn't to the blood test, but put him straight onto six weeks of antibiotics. I just made sure he had a clean diet and took mega doses of probiotics for about three months or so and watched him closely for any neurological symptoms. He is just fine now a year and a half later, thankfully, but it is very frightening to see that ring.
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Big pet peeve of mine... it's LYME Disease, not Lymes Disease.

Okay, so, 20 days of antibiotics isn't going to get rid of it. It might make him sicker in the short term (Jarisch Herxeimer reaction), and in the end he'll still be sick and have long term effects. He needs AT LEAST a months worth of antibiotics. Your son should also be tested for other tick borne illnesses such as Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever (if he's positive for any of those, it must be treated BEFORE starting another month of antibiotics).

Find a Lyme Literate MD (google search Lyme Literate and the place in which you live).

Watch the documentary Under Our Skin.

It is at this time that you MUST advocate for him, otherwise he could have lifelong problems. Good luck!
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I live in Germany....thats the problem....cant seem to find any info here....
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