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Babywearing help!

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I didn't intend on babywearing my 5 week old but, she won't let me put her down. I got a moby wrap and it works wonders! My question is, how do you accomplish anything without wearing your babies? My dd won't nap or anything without being in the wrap, it's even hard for me to shower. I love wearing her but, I need time to myself so I can shower at least.
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Congrats on the new babe. My DD LOVED the moby! I used a lot of family help in the beginning. My grandma would come over to hold my dd so I could take a shower. I see you have older kids - can they be trusted to hold the baby? Another idea is to see if there are any postpartum doulas in training that will work for low or no fee (if money is an issue).
I only have one child so I can't imagine how difficult it is for you to get some time to yourself!!! Hang in there, mama.
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i always put baby in a vibrating bouncy chair in the bathroom with me. i have a see through shower curtain and would talk and/or sing to her the whole time. and it would be quick shower too. lol. good luck.
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This doesn't solve your problem in the way you wanted, but you could always put her in a water sling and shower with her.
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Originally Posted by MamieCole View Post
This doesn't solve your problem in the way you wanted, but you could always put her in a water sling and shower with her.
Yes, Or wait until someone can hold her for you while you take a shower...
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a vibrating chair saved my sanity. some people swear by swings - none of my kids liked them. and with my last i was lucky that if he was swaddled tight enough, he'd lay anywhere for short periods of time while i got things done.
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can you wrap the babe in the moby on your SO or a friend who comes over while you shower?
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A water sling, bouncy chair, a swing, and occasionally *gasp* a nap in an actual crib, were all tools that I used.
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Ehhh, I feel you. For showering, I would strip my babies off naked and give them bare bum time in the crib - they seemed happier that way, at least happy enough for the 10 mins it would take to shower and dress. Even if there is a minute or two of minor complaining, I'm a strong believer that you need your sanity and for me that means a daily shower.

We don't have a swing, but I imagine it would be useful for that kind of thing. We do have a bouncy seat with toys that hang which would keep DS occupied for about 5 mins at a time. DD like they play met but it's not an option for us with DS otherwise DD might accidentally stomp on him.

We also had the Symphony in Motion mobile set up on our pak and play for DD when she was small and it gave us enough time to eat dinner in peace.
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congrats! babywearing is the BEST thing i ever did for myself or DD.

if all else fails you could get or MAKE one of these http://www.bathingbuddies.com/
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i want to second (or third?) a water sling. i also graduated to just holding her in the shower. that way we shower at the same time. washing my hair is a pain with one hand, but it works.
holding a wet baby in the shower is scary at first. if you do this, make sure one hand is NOT soapy at all times. i started with holding her on one shoulder and washing her back and legs. i forget how i'd wash her belly... at some point i started just turning her towards the water with one of her arms around my neck. when she got head control i also started putting one foot on the edge of the tub and sitting her on that leg to wash her.
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