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Nesting already?

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I think I am. Lately I've not been able to think of anything besides redecorating my entire house. I dream about it, talk about it and plan for it ALL the time. What a pricey way to nest... I think more than anything I want our home to be super functional when the baby arrives. Anyone else nesting already? If so, how?
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i'm doing the same as you, I have been nesting since right before I got my bfp, that's actually the reason I decided to take a test. My last 2 pregnancies, nesting didnt start until near the end and this one has been going the whole time. I want to repaint all rooms, redecorate, re-upholster furniture, change ceiling fans, and finish part of our basement to use as a play room and extra room for when MIL comes to visit
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I have been the last couple weeks. I wanted to get our room all setup with whatever baby is going to sleep in and the changing table so we have a place for cloth diapers and clothes. (When DS was really young, I felt nervous having him in bed with us so he slept right next to our bed until I felt comfortable that he was big enough to bedshare.) I want to get the house all organized and ready so it is not a big rush at the end. Ultimately, I want to make this transition from 1 to 2 kids as least stressful as I can. If my house is organized (or at least in my mind it is) I will feel like I can handle anything. One of my friends had her twins at the same time last January and she said after Christmas, the due date just hit them over the heads. They were so focused on the holidays that afterwards it was like "Oh crap! We are having twins in a couple weeks!" Hopefully I can avoid that to some extent.

So, yes, based on my disorganized and long-winded response, I am nesting.
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I have been in nesting mode for a good few weeks. My nesting is purging the unnecessary clutter in our house. This past week we got all of our baby clothes and diapers out of the attic and I washed and sorted them all. So now the newborn clothes and diapers are put away and ready in their respective places.

The purging continues. I have two closets, a dining room corner of doom, and the kitchen to go through still until I feel comfortable.

Oh and I FINALLY talked my husband into taking a POS couch to the dump. Now just to get him to take it without nagging him into a divorce.
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we have decided to take on the project of decluttering the house, small storage unit in the backyard and the garage. We are freaking crazy. The first stop is to make the office/storage room into a playroom. So much stuff to go through and so much stuff to get rid of of. Oh wow we are crazy. I assume it is nesting as I never really nested before but this definitely feels like crazy cleaning project.
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i've got the "collecting" urge. i've acquired a few sleepers and whatnot. but i haven't had the full on nesting urge, where i actually want to clean the house and sort things and declutter. unfortunately
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Peeking in from the December DDC. (Due December 5th)

I think I've been nesting for about 2-3 months now. Some days its worse than others but I have gotten quite a bit accomplished. I think I could have everything 'go' in about a week's more work (assembling a few small things, reinstalling the car seat, washing the clothes, making my nursing nest). There are very few things we'll need that we don't already have. I've even got the changing table ready to go!
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Originally Posted by myk View Post
i've got the "collecting" urge. i've acquired a few sleepers and whatnot. but i haven't had the full on nesting urge, where i actually want to clean the house and sort things and declutter. unfortunately
I don't ever remember full on nesting with my other two. This is weird for me but then at the same time I am letting the obsession pull me in.
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DDCC from Dec. I've been nesting since June-ish. We've painted just about every room in the house and started finishing up our unfinished projects including some projects that have been sitting undone for over a year. I still have a to-do list a mile long. Our yard is a disaster zone, but we can't do anything out there til next month - it's still soooo hot here in AL. My main goal is to have everything clean and organized before the baby is born so that all I have to do is keep it up. However, I can't get organized til we can finish up projects and get all the paint/tools/etc into the storage shed and out of the closets and random corners of the house.
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I think I must be nesting somewhat. A few weeks ago I had the urge to declutter & sell a bunch of random stuff on ebay - which is good b/c a little money came in too.
Then, in the middle of my cloth diaper research, I just started ordering away & building my stash. I think I might have all the diapers I'll need until potty-training, give or take! lol Now I just need a place to put them. Collecting clothes a little here & there too, and building a wish list of furniture/nursery plans.
It's kind of fun, but it feels so out-of-character for me. It'd be nice to be able to concentrate on work a little bit in the time left before Jan.
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I keep going through my stash of baby clothes and supplies. I even ordered the crib/dresser set early so I would have a place to put things, and fold everything up nicely and admire it all. I have to seriously fight the urge to prepare the whole nursery!
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