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Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post
So, I am wondering, if I should just drop the solids completely and just wait until she can eat our food, or is it good for her to experiment 2-3 times a week with the food that isnt so much of a choking hazard?
I think you should do what feels comfortable for you and your daughter

I do a hybrid method (I don't make purees in a mixer, but I do mush DD's food a bit, and I sometimes put it on her tray and sometimes on a spoon...she usually grabs the spoon and guides it in if she wants it...if she doesn't grab for the spoon, I stop).

I know mama friends with babies who do all purees and both mama and baby seem to be thriving. I also know mama friends who do 100% BLW and both mama and baby seem to be thriving.

It sounds like you are being very thoughtful and that you are paying close attention to your DD and trying to make it a positive experience for both of you, and I imagine your DD will do great with whatever approach you choose.
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Wow, thanks for all of you replies. I got lots of great advice! I think I'm going to stick to feeding her some mashed food, and start giving her more whole solids and trusting that she is ready for them if she eats them. Mainly, Im going to breastfeed.

I will say, I dont really think that spoon feeding is "force feeding."
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wow, "other ada's mommy," i think i wrote the exact same thing when my ada was around 6 months. i think we had a great experience just going with the flow. i know alot of it is personality but family, friends, and total strangers have all complimented her on her amazing eating skills and wide palate.
have fun!
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Thanks! We dont call her Ada Potata, we call her Ada Bean. I think it was because when she was first born we had a brown and pink polka dotted blanket. When she was swaddled in it, she looked like a little bean.
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i always thought blw meant following the baby's cues. we gave millie chunks of stuff at first and she turned her nose up at them. however, we gave her smooshed stuff and helped her with a spoon and she loved it! she didn't have any teeth until almost 10 months old and since then she's loving eating more and different textures.

i also agree that spoon feeding isn't always force feeding, and neither is bottle feeding. we were very watchful of her cues and she would just refuse to open her mouth if she didn't like something or was done. she also has more subtle cues like turning her head and losing interest, but mostly she lets us know when she's done.

so, we would always offer both, but she preferred the softer textures. my ds wouldn't touch a puree, so we just took our cues from him. to me, that's blw.
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