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Moms of 4 - what do you drive?

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We're making a vehicle switch in the next few weeks because I can't fit 3 carseats in our Jeep. We're not definite that we'll have anymore kids after #3, but I'd prefer not to be in this position again in the near future so might as well plan on the possibility of another.

SO, if you have 4 kiddos, what do you drive? I'm thinking a Suburban would give us the most options on seat configuration and room for kids friends when they are older? But, I'd love any input!
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DDCC to say

look into a mazda 5. I don't know how I ever lived without mine. Small like a car. Good gas mileage. Seats 6. Love it!
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I just happened to see this- I drive a Dodge Grand Caravan. My little ones are nearing 5 & 3 and then 7 mo twins. It's heaven sent in the fact that the doors open automatically (and close automatically too) and I can climb down the center if necessary.

I never wanted a minivan but it is the best vehicle for all these kids. The cargo space can't be beat. We just spent a week at a lake house and had to take two PNPs, a double stroller, fishing gear, all our bedding, towels, etc. Plus clothing and supplies (food included) for all six of us. We even took scooters and managed without the top carrier! I can't think of any other vehicle that we took for a test drive that could have done that (it has stow and go).

There is a reason so many families have minivans!
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We have a Mazda MPV van, its not insured right now but thats what we did drive. We now have a Dodge 3500 Ram, we use the front center seat as well for a forward facing carseat (oldest child), mid you it was a pain going through the process if disabling the airbag legally to make it safe.
Once we are done building our home and before baby comes we wills ell the truck and are looking for an 11 passenger van. We NNED the space. If you have over 4 or 5 kids in a minivan there is NOT enough room. For groceries etc. We also haul our goats /chickens around in their crates sometimes and I want to have space for that. So we will get an 11 and take the back seat out to make a long 8 seater. I also have a stepdaughter too so when she is here there will be 6 kids and 2 adults, cramming that many into a minivan doesn't work well!
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We had our Dodge Grand Caravan when we had our 4th. Fit 4 comfotably. 2 in the middle and 2 in the back. When we had our 5th it got alittle tricky, we had to buy 3 narrow seats (Sunshine Radian) for the back row, since our old ones were too wide to fit 3 across. Now we've completely outgrown it and had to buy a big 15 passenger beast.
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We got a Town and Country the day after #3 was born. You should have seen the looks I got when coming out of a Camaro with 2 kids and a giant belly, lol.

It worked great with 3, great with 4, and it'll be fine with our 5 (infant carseat and 7yo in booster in the captains chairs, 12yo, 3yo in carseat, and 8yo in booster in the back.
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We have a Chrysler Town & Country. It has three seatbelts in the back but it doesn't fit our three kids...two in backless boosters and one in a convertible carseat. The middle seat in the back does not have a shoulder belt, otherwise we'd put our three booster-ed kids back there. The middle seats are nice. There is plenty of room in the back. I would recommend it for 4 or less kids but if you have five, especially if they are in any kind of carseat, I'd look for something with more room in the back. It's a huge pain trying to get carseats in and out and kids buckled.
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I'm about to have #5 and I drive a 2001 Ford Windstar with two third-row benches. Fits everyone and a lot of car seats.
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I'm one of four kids. My mom had a minivan after my youngest brother was born, then got a Chevy Tahoe when we were older. (I told her the EPA was going to come and take her away, but we always had a lot of room for our gear).
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A Kia Sedona (With a plate that reads FUSS BUS..LOL). It holds 7 people and has a DVD system in it. We bought it brand new in a '08 clearance sale last year. I my Sedona.
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I have a jeep when I had two, but knew we'd want more so we bought a 98 Suburban. I like it and have had 5 car seats in it plus two adults when my friend and I go somewhere. I would love a newer vehicle with latch or side airbags, but I that isn't in the budget and I'm not sure I could give up the space since I fill it up pretty often.
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Right now my 98 Montana is out of commission, transmission, and I miss it terribly. It will be full with 4 in carseats, my mom, me and DH if we all go anywhere.

DH wants a Suburban but only for road tripping, not as my drive around town car because of the gas mileage. and MOST of the time around town it would be 2 adults and the 4 kids which the van holds easily and even if my mom did come and one of us had to squish a bit in the back well it's a short trip. actually maybe even only 3 of them a lot of the time as ds 1 is in school now.
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