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my brother claimed he saw spirits. he used to visit a graveyard ( he only told one friend and his therapist about this) to visit a spirit who lived there. he would bring his lunch and talk to her. he said she had been very lonely IRL and so he wanted to help her.
he also had other visions of spirits, but barely talked about it because people didn't believe him and tended to think he was trying to get attention. i think he really did see dead people. he was a hypercompassionate person. he was also very gifted and had a very high IQ. he was not someone who believed in astrology or any other stuff like that, he was a botanist, but he happened to see dead people.
i wouldn't blow off what your kid is saying, and i don't know if i would investigate if knowing the truth might freak you out. i would just listen and perhaps encourage her to only talk to you or another trusted adult about it (so that people don't treat her differently for it).
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Personally, I don't know. It could be that your child is extremely observant and unconsciously gathering clues from all over the place (the NPR story playing in the car, a comment by a neighbor, something you said on the phone after the child was in bed, etc... little things that you probably don't even remember or realize she is exposed to). It could be an active imagination. It could be she is tuning into energies or entities that you're not picking up on (so "psychic" or perhaps related to a prior existance of her own).

In any case I'd probably respond in the same way... supportive and interested, open to a conversation if that's what the child wanted, but I wouldn't dwell on it or bring it up independently of the child or make much of it in front of them. If they get scared, then that's a different story of course! But if it's just a part of their life then... it's just a part of their life.

My dd2 is very sensitive to energies and entities and easily upset. I have found (as a pagan mama) that it's in her best interest for me to apply the same rules to the unseen world as I do to the seen world. Basically, energies and entities that are interested in playing with my child need to be polite and ask permission, whether that is a physical child asking to play in the yard or an energy asking to play in the living room ceiling. I'm not cool with beings (physical or otherwise) wandering through the house without asking permission first!

So I do actively ward the house, and my dd2, and since she is 3yo I don't ask her permission to do so (any more than I ask her permission before asking the repair guy for ID before he comes in). As she gets older I'll involve her more in the process and I assume that she'll gradually take over this aspect of her social life the same way she'll take over the other portions. I had a thread about a year ago? Maybe two years ago here in Spirituality about the ethics of warding a young child... I can dig it up if you like!

(in case you're looking for some interesting reading, Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation and Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child are both really interesting books. They were a big help when it came to figuring out dd2's behavior! Especially the Past Lives book by Bowman since she addresses the topic more as a parent from a "how to help my child" angle.)
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I truly believe children, especially before the ago of 3, are highly perceptive to the energies around us, be they spirits, ghosts, what have you. I would just journal what she tells you, and see if it progresses or goes away. If it goes away, at least you will have the stories to tell when she is older.
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I believe children are in tune with the other side for a good time after birth. You see it in the baby that is staring at a spot above you and laughing... my own dd1 told me many stories about past lives also. I am not sure how extensive her gifts are however, she seems to have grown out of it like most babies do. Your daughter sounds very gifted. You can do some searches on crystal children to learn more about it. here is one... http://www.metagifted.org/topics/met...eNewEarth.html

i identify as indigo personally, so i expected my offspring to have abilities also nak
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I believe she is seeing something. what? I don't know. who? I don't know. I don't believe in ghosts the way most people do... but in a very different way. I think spirits exist. why shoud anyone not believe that?

That said I think the many people are intuitive. That to be is different than a psychic which one would go to! I would NEVER go to a psychic - for two reasons. 1) It was forbidden in my religion. 2) according to my religion one isn't supposed to try to find out the future.

However some people, with out trying, know things. We all do, actually - mother's intuition is just as real as what you're daughter sees.

I see, and feel things and always have. I haven't the slightest idea what it is. I really don't. but i can feel sadness, happiness, anger, hurt, jealous, abandonement, peace or FEAR in certain homes, rooms, places... always have been able to. sometimes I get very strong feelings about a person that will make me shiver.

I don't try to know more. I don't think I am meant to "KNOW" what it is. I think it's like seeing anyone else. I notice people walking by me on the sidewalk but I don't run up to them as say "why are you on this earth?" so why should I question why I feel certain things in a room?

sometimes we are meant to know and sometimes not. *shrug* if we are meant to know, we will. if not, we wont.
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Tobin Hart wrote this awesome book The Secret Spiritual World of Children about exactly what you guys are talking about here.
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not much to say, except that my own son who is 8 now told me about a past life of his when he was 4yrs old. I totally believe children are sentient.

Womabtclay, I would like to read that thread you referred to about children ethics and warding....
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Hi there- I am writing from a television production company and we are seeking parents whose children possess a sixth sense or experience paranormal activities for a new documentary-style series. We are looking for families to share their stories. Financial compensation is offered for those who participate. For more information, please email parentingstruggles@gmail.com.

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Youtube "wizardshak" and spirits and faq.


I know sane adults who see dead people sometimes. It's called being mediumistic. usually such children shut this down because of the reaction and fear or disapproval of adults. Explaining it away as "a wild imagination" is ignoring the evidence out of fear, and dressing it up as science. Look at many scientific discoveries-they happened because -unlike old Henry Rutherford- someone wanted to DiSCOVER , rather than just pretend it was all known and nothing more to find out. THAT is not logical, inquiring or "scientific". But yes, it certainly is not researched by the mainstream yet.


By the way-just because you may want to know-  I am not a scientist, but have that interest. 

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I think is imaginary friends . Imaginary friends come to kids who see TV  and start becoming real to kids also developing like they were real . The kids will start putting names on them and talk to them but that 2 days and 8:30 is a voice in her head my friend’s 3 year old listens to this voice . Keep asking more questions to askandanswer 

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