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10 or 15 Minute Sessions of Cleaning--Please join in!

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First I'm going to wash the dishes and clear the table. Please feel free to join in if you need motivation.

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I'm in! I'm going to put away a ton of laundry!
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It took me 20 minutes in between taking care of DS.

Putting babe down for a nap (babe willing) and then figuring out what to have for supper. :-)

mkksmom, welcome aboard!
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Originally Posted by mkksmom View Post
I'm in! I'm going to put away a ton of laundry!
Me too!

That's done (took me 30 minutes, but was three loads of laundry. And still another in the dryer. Plus, I started a load of diapers.)

Dishwasher is done, so unload and reload. Kids get home from school in about 40 minutes, so I should have a snack ready, right? How's popcorn sound?
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2lilsweetfoxes, I think popcorn sounds great!

I have a load of diapers in the dryer and about 3 regular loads to fold.

I will get to that after dinner.
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This thread needs a bump and some inspiration because this is one of my favorite ways to clean!!!

I do 15 minutes cleaning sessions.

I set out to empty a laundry basket filled with clothes, toiletries, etc. from a recent weekend at my mom's.

I finished that and I cleared the entire dining room table that the basket was sitting on!

Next up, the living room couch. It needs to be vacuumed and scrubbed.
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I'm going to go sort clothes in my boys' room
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I will join in....setting the timer for 15 minutes.
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I love 15 minute sessions, but unless my son is napping, I don't have a guarantee that I can work that long. Feel free to adapt, though.

First session of the day: I am going to clear the clutter off the table and desk.
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Well, thats done and laundry started...
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*dishes on
*laundry on

Okay 15 minutes again......
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*straighten the beds
*cleaned windows
*brought some laundry upstairs.
*cleaned two pans

15 minute break and then clean again.
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I'm here. I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and started a load of laundry.

I need to:

- vacuum the dead ants out of the guest bath (there was an invasion...I won)
- clear and wipe surfaces
- scrub toilets
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Done! It took me a while, but my desk was in serious need of decluttering.

Fold and put away 4 loads of laundry. This will require a few sessions!

Congrats on your productivity!
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My first 15 min session is going to be cleaning off the dining room table!! Ready.. set.. go!! DONE

Well, it took me WAY longer than 15 minutes but I folded *all* the clean laundry and most of it is put away!!!
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I really need to go work on my house today! Ive been playing hookie the last few days and haven't been getting any housework done really. I have a to do list for the whole week written up (which would have taken me like 20 minutes each day) and I have like 3 things crossed off and its Thursday. My goal for today is to catch up with housework, work on the "school" type stuff for DD1, and try to maybe make it to check the mail.. or not.

1st session: unload dishwasher, unload/fold blankets in dryer, take out trash and if time put the wash stuff in the dryer and start it up- Done also put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.
2nd- wipe down sinks, put away stuff accumulated in the junk basket, if time sweep and set up the steam mop to mop kitchen. My oldest set up the mop for me so I had a chance to mop to. Now my kitchen is clean. Onto the living/dining room.
3rd- wipe down tables, wipe down AC unit, take filters out of both ACs to clean, empty dehumidifer. If time allows: wipe down ceiling fan, pick up papers and put away jogging stroller DDs wiped down the tables for me so I had a chance to do all of it plus clean the filters and clean the sliding glass door.
4th- sweep/mop living/dining room. check laundry.
Took closer to 20-25 minutes since my girls wanted to help and I ended up doing impromptu lessons on how to sweep/mop without hurting yourself or others.
5th- Both bathrooms (darn aren't I glad I have a small apartment, our bathrooms are a tiolet, a sink and a tub or shower, they take no time at all to clean) The girls helped a lot here as well. They love cleaning bathrooms for whatever reason and I don't discourage them. Its helpful to have them wiping walls/sinks down while I do the rest
6th- match socks. Maybe I should do that more often, it took 15 minutes to just match socks..
7th, 8th, 9th, 10th.. maybe 11th and 12th as well.- I need to work on fixing the drawers in the chest of drawers. Its getting on the older side and its having issues.- this is going to take a while.
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:-( My baby boy had a very off day. I think he is teething. He was so tired and refused to nap all day. He just went down.

All that I've accomplished (cleaning-wise) all day was tidying the kitchen. I started to fold laundry, but wasn't able to finish it.

I am going to start supper.
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Bump for today.

Going to pick up the toys in the living room.
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So far I've washed 2 loads of laundry. 1 is in the dryer.

It's DH's birthday and I'm going to spend most of the day baking a cake and making dinner. Plus, I wanted to make him a special card. Right now babe is napping, so I want to make the most effective use of my time~~
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I am back!

I will set the timer for 15 minutes and come back and report!
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