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Today I:

~Walked the dog.
~Took the recycle out.
~Made lunch.
~Cleaned litter box.
~Did laundry.
~Helped DS with homework
~Worked out for 30 minutes!
~Made dinner
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Okimom, decluttering has never been my specialty, which is why I have this situation to begin with. But I am certainly motivated in this area right now. I just hope that the momentum continues.

Welcome to the thread, MichaelsSahm!

Congrats on all your work, *bejeweled*! And especially the fact that you managed to get exercising in. I hope to exercise today, but I'm not sure that I will be able to.

I never got the remainder of the laundry folded last night. Now it's piled up on the changing table--terribly intimidating. Plus, there's more in the dryer, and I probably have to rewash what's in the washer.

But first I'm going to make the bed and put away/wash the dishes.
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Good morning.

So far I've
*gotten DD off to school
*washed 2 load of sheets
*made breakfast
*cleaned the kitchen
*cleaned the disgusting litter box
*started studying

Hope you all have a great day! I'll be checking in.

ps---I also can't stand when I have to rewash a load of clothes.
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I think I need to delete my facebook so I can actually get stuff done! I had deleted it before and people keep wanting me to come back, but clearly I have a problem!
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MichaelsSahm maybe deleting it would be better if you are addicted...I have friends who are on there all day, and then they complain their houses are in chaos and I am thinking...uhuh......

Facebook really is an addiction, especially the games for some people, which I must admit have never been of interest to me, but if you struggle to keep away from them, delete, delete!!!
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Poetry- I need to be bitten by the decluttering bug! my house is horrible, doesn't help when I do try to declutter I have to either do it behind DH's back or he complains about every single thing I get rid of ughs!
Michaels- Ive debated deleting mine because im so tired of the family drama that happens on there. However, its the only way I keep in contact with friends/family back in the states soo its better than spending the hour loading photos and e-mailing like 5 e-mails because for whatever reason Yahoo won't let me send an e-mail with more than 5 photos in it. I just limit when I go on and what I do. I don't play the games, I only use chat for a little bit each day (unless DH is gone somewhere)

This morning Ive already: empty the dishwasher, put away a load of laundry, made breakfast, cleaned up from breakfast and now I have a screaming baby because I won't let her empty out all the baby clothes so she can play with the outfits that have monkeys.Shes going to cause me to grow gray prematurely

List of things Id like to get done:
-pin pattern pieces
- cut out pattern pieces
- set up sewing area (all my machines/threads/notions are kept in the storage closet until needed, we don't' have the place to have them out)
- declutter 4 above closet cupboards in the master bedroom-
- declutter toys/stuffed animals-
- figure out what is wrong with the printer
- print out/laminate everything for the bulletin board.

DH ended up stuck at work all night last night so he might get home early today but I'm not expecting it. The girls are really hyper this morning so its probably going to be a long day.
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Today I have a lack of energy because I just started taking antibiotics for bacterial laryngitis, and still not feeling well, so even the thought of going in the shower is tiring! :yawning

But I want to push through the tiredness and get some decluttering done today if I can....
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clutterwarrior, I struggle when I don't feel well to just allow myself to rest. Today would have been the perfect day to nap with DS, but, alas, the guilt usually wins. I do recommend getting some rest, though. Your house will always be there to clean and the decluttering thread isn't going anywhere. :-)

MichaelsSahm, I don't spend nearly as much time on FaceBook, since I quit playing Mafia Wars. It's the only game I've really played like that, but it was so hard to break the addiction.

OkiMom, you can do it. It sounds like decluttering isn't really either of our things. However, it feels nice to not only see the number rising, but my rooms becoming more clear. I'm on the last little bit of the utility room and I find myself dawdling, possibly because I know the closet (Boxes floor to ceiling) is next.

I've been feeling exhausted all day. I think I'm getting DS's cold. Plus, it's been somewhat an emotional day. DH and I just found out that one of my stepdaughters would like to come live with us. We're both very excited, but I'm thinking of all that I must do in preparation. I've got to seriously declutter over the next several weeks! ... We haven't set a date yet, but right now I'm just on cloud 9 and really thankful for life's blessings.

I did get the bed made and washed the dishes. Plus, I made supper and I made extra seitan, refrigerating 1 portion and freezing 2 for future use. I'm vegetarian and have been trying to make my own veggie "meats" and convenience food. Tonight I made extra Cheezee Sauce to have later in the week. :-)

I'll be back to check in with you ladies tomorrow.
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15 minutes of decluttering! Ready, set, here I go!!!!!!!!!
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My goals today are:

Getting family room ready for my parents arrival to America on Monday, They are coming for a 2 and a half vacation. After they leave my cousin and my aunt are flying in from Holland to see us and celebrate Halloween!
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That sounds fun, MichaelsSahm!

I completed 2 15 minute decluttering sessions. :-)

Now I'm of to tend to the babe. :-)

Next I want to put/away & wash the dishes, plus make the bed. (Yes, I really am that bad!)
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I decluttered so much this morning!

*Cleared out a bunch of old schoolwork.
*Cleared out the fridge.
*Cleared out 3 baskets.
*Washed all the sheets & towels.

Feels great. I'm taking a break now...
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Setting the timer for 15 minutes!
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Put dishes in washer
Clean counters
Tidied kitchen
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Setting the timer for another 15 minutes
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Good morning. I:

*made breakfast
*rinsed the dishes
*made the bed
*am getting ready to take DD to piano
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Going to go set my timer for 10 minutes now...
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Progress! I spent 10 minutes working on the kitchen. It looks a lot better.
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Off to do another 10!
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