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Gracie- I think thats a great self-present! Ive always wanted to get a real deep cleaning done when we move into the apartment but I never do. Base housing is "suppose" to be cleaned before you move in but I don't think its happened (last apartment we were in had vomit all over two rooms, this one had trash in several of the cupboards), so I can't really justify the expense to myself. Maybe next place we move Ill do it!


Poetry- I was wondering how everything was going over there. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Id try out indian food with your DSD though, you never know she might like it. DH never thought I would like sushi since Im not the biggest fan of fish but I love it.


I made some taco soup, its boiling in the crock pot. I was going to do other things but I don't have the meats defrosted (and Im being lazy) so Im going to do them tomorrow instead. Now Im going to go clean. My apartment needs it.

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OKImom maybe if anyone ask if they can get a gift for the new baby ? you could tell them cleaning : )

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Graceie I tried that, I got "thats no fun" from my family/friends. I guess I can't complain to much, DH is paying for them to do the exit cleaning at this apartment so I don't have to. I just don't like moving and Im crabby about it right now.


I just got done cleaning up the pans from making the soup and turning the dryer on again. Now Im going to work on the playroom and bedrooms.

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I feel you I am always very crappy around moveing time

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I put  a load of diapers in the wash after I move them to the drier for one sweet sweet moment all the laundery in our house will be done

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Could someone send me some motivation? I still haven't done anything yet today.. I don't know why Im feeling so sluggish but I have for the last two weeks or so. 

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attempting to quote & update :P

Originally Posted by CariOfOz View Post



Today so far I have:

Folded a load of towels & put away

put clothes on to wash

cycled them into the dryer (its rained almost the entire month of december SIGH, my clothesline feels neglected!)

had breakfast AND coffee


My goals for the day are big, so I'm going to jsut list them all and then I'll try to split them up into sessions after I get them all down!


Bedroom (mine) (this is probably 2x 15min)

       * get the mass of winter clothing OFF the floor in the closet and folded/put away (storing them in suitcases since we rarely use those ;)

       * organize what needs to be donated or just plain tossed out

       * dust all the dresser tops etc

       * vacuum

ensuite (1x15mins)

* swiffy floor  done

*clean sink, shower, toilet & mirror


Kitchen (1x15 with both dh & I working :)

* dishes (dh is doing, I sliced my finger up badly on christmas so he's doing wet jobs)

* wipe benches down

*clear out holiday leftovers that aren't consumed by the end of the day

* cook rice for dinner (fried rice night NOM)


Living/family room

* start putting away christmas for the year  DONE.. dh started and the oldest & I jumped in :)

* vacuum the carpet & swiffy the tiles  ...tiles still to be done

* clean rat cage (hubby & 6yo job)

* seam mop the kitchen/dining/family room floors


That'll do it for now :D  AND I"M OFF!!!



First (longer than 15mins lol) session done... all christmas, tree & other decor is gone to bed for the year :)  the living room looks lovely and clean thanks to dh!  Our bedroom is a wip,  bed is covered with a sheet & piled high with things I'm sorting through, but I have a big bag of clothes to donate, and a basket of things that are past their use by date iykwim!   I came out to put the rice on so it cools in time to make fried rice and got distracted helping dh put the tree & such away, so I'm having a glass of water and heading back in to finish the bedroom shortly. 


STILL haven't had achance to mop the floors!  Might try to get that done when the kids are in bed ;)


Going to do 15mins finishing up both bathrooms before time to make dinner. 

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Im going to go make dinner then have the girls help me clean up some. I did upload a bunch of CDs which we have been trying to get uploaded so I at least did SOMETHING. Just not much.

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Well, I got both bathrooms and both bedrooms straightened.. They were really messy from the girls playing today. Now onto the playroom. There is 45 minutes until the girls need to go to sleep, Im hoping to get the rest of the house at least presentable.

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Got the apartment presentable again.. The kids are asleep, I ended up falling asleep then waking up and remembering I forgot to put away the dinner leftovers so I did that quickly now I am going back to bed.

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Hello. Today I:

*made breakfast
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters clean)
*wiped down the bathrooms
*straightened the living room
*cleaned out under the kitchen sink yikes.gif
*made the bed
*ran errands
*started washing a huge mound of clothes
*am making teapot2.GIF in my new kettle

I hope to:

*take out the trash
*study reading.gif
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made breakfast ate warmed up luch ate , Ive got a ferret who wont eat unless he is held right now and a fussy baby who is finaly naping I got alot done and Im just focused on organzeing stuff . put away laundry from yesterday . we are going to the park today not awhole lot to do cleaning wise and I despratly need out of the house Bolt.gif

I need to

put togheter stoller orgaziner and get them out of my liveing room , go grocery shoping , make dinners my frezzer stash is almost gone and it truly is my lifeline

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Well the kids didn't sleep well last night, not surprising (they never sleep well when DH has duty) so I'm finally up, 2 hours later than normal..

I'm going to go shower first, try to wake up the rest of the way.. Then I'm going to make breakfast, turn the laundry back on if needed, and make some french bread. My goals for the day:


-sweep/mop whole apartment (one of the things I didn't get done yesterday)

- wipe down bathrooms

- make/freeze 50 waffles

- make/freeze 6 loaves french bread

- make/freeze a pot of veggie soup

- make/freeze lasagna, make lasagna for dinner

- go pick up new car

- order car seat for baby, any other last minute baby items and DD1's birthday presents off of Amazon

- stop by the store and get dish washer detergent, plastic containers for the ornaments and for some home school stuff Ive been meaning to organize.


If I get all that done I'm going to work on the December Challenge stuff I haven't completed yet.

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Well I got few things done. I took the garbage down to the garbage room, (we live in an apartment) and I started to laugh! The little room was full and I had to hurry and shut the door behind me b/c bags were falling on me! I think the janitor forgot it last week and that's why it's so full.


I also took out the recycling and checked the mail and then did some dishes and organized some more baby clothes and filled out my application for low income housing, sell most of that. I just have to find some papers that need to be photo copied and sent off with it.


I need to dust and have the cloth and spray stuff out for that sitting on my tv stand/night table all ready to go, but I have a sleeping baby in my lap (and on my full bladder) right now.

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Ok,dusting is done!!! The tree is down and at the door ready to  be tossed outside. It's seen it's last Christmas and we'll get a nicer one for next year! All the ornaments are wrapped and stored in a big snowman I got a couple years ago that was filled with candy and popcorn, I just have to get the box down from the closet later and put it away. I'm just sorting a few things in the desk and getting some papers read to send off tomorrow or the next day.

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Ok Im changing my list to taking care of a sick baby and picking up the new car. My youngest woke up throwing up and running a fever so I guess she isn't over the flu she had like I thought she was. She is totally miserable and just wants me to cuddle her.

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I hope your little one feels better real fast OkiMom.


I got all the Christmas stuff put away and took out the little old tree along with the rest of the garbage and recycling. I swept and mopped all the floors and even cleaned the bathroom! I filled out some papers and stuffed them into an envelope that's ready to be filled with a money order at the post office hopefully tomorrow! I'm about check my e-mail so I can get the info for the 2nd envelope that also needs another money order tomorrow.

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Thanks.. Shes been like this for a week, shes sick in the morning, fine by midday and sick again the next morning. Im hoping it passes soon.


We picked up the car and did some birthday shopping. Im going to order the carseat tomorrow morning though when DH and I can sit down together and make sure its the one we want. I NEED to order it soon since Im 35+ weeks right now and it takes 2-3 weeks to get here.

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my goal for today is to hit the grocery store and do laundry get it ALL put away and do a quick tidy pick up put away and assemble the new stroller storage box


okimom hope you little one feels better soon

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Hi. wave.gif Today I:

*made breakfast
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters clean)
*wiped down the bathrooms
*straightened the living room
*made the bed
*took out the trash
*went to get my mammogram thumb.gif
*did a quick grocery trip

I hope to:
*study a little more reading.gif
*chill love.gif
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