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Didn't get any of the cleaning things done yesterday so they are back on the to do list for today..


Cleaning things to do:

spot clean bathroom walls (both bathrooms)

clean out medicine chests (both bathrooms)

clean out cabinets (both bathrooms)

wash shower curtains

scrub under sinks (both bathrooms)

scrub sinks (both bathrooms)

scrub tubs/showers

scrub tiolets

scrub behind tiolets

scrub floors

5 loads of laundry

wash playroom rug


Ill go from there if I get this stuff done.

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heather  I wish I could come clean your house for you hug2.gif


I found my ferret that god I love that little guy and did a load of wash cleaned a few things out of the fridge a little lazy today but I did eat dinner and fully plan on catching up on sleep tonight and kicking out a few things in the AM

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laundery in the wash , put away stuff from the drier dishes in the dish washer ate breakfast need to clean up after breakfast mop the floor and start load 2 in the washer hopeing to find a sitter so I can go to costco

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Thanks Graceie for the thought, I just need to get moving on things. Luckily DH is home so all I have to do is sit, play with the kids and tell him what needs to get done. If he wasn't home right now Id be in trouble. He has today off (for the most part, has to go in for like 2 hours) and tomorrow so hes going to knock off a bunch of stuff. He just can't really do some of the baby stuff or the organizing because I'm horribly picky about what I want done. Hes goal is to get the main places the baby and I will be done this weekend so that if the baby comes at least the main places he will be (and I will be) will be clean and less stressful for me. Yesterday he did most of the bedroom, today hes going to finish the bedroom and work on the bathrooms.


To dos:

- wash baby carriers

- wash baby clothing- in washing machine

- catch up on other laundry- 2-3 more loads other than baby stuff that needs to get done

- quick clean apartment

- doll dresses and bloomers

- wrap dolls and put aside

- finish activity kits and put up

- make birth necklace (need to find where the kids took off with the rope to make it with)

- make nail appointment

- make hair appointment

- order x-stitch kits

-freeze pads for postpartum

- Bathroom: organize cupboards, organize medicine chests, organize under sinks

- Playroom: organize toys, organize books, clean out toy containers, wash rug

- bedroom- organize drawers, organize jewerly, clean out desk area

- type up birth plan


first though I need to find DH's wallet so he can go to work and get the stuff done there he needs to get done.

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I clean the  fridge a little more put away more laundery made dinner and did the dishesand cleaned out the car its good sense I wont be home much tommorow

I need to

take stuff to be donated and vacume and costco

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Can't find DH's wallet which is totally stressing me out. It had quite a bit of cash in it (that was suppose to go to paying a bill), his ID, credit card, the girls medical cards (which we only need if we go off base for some reason but I like to have anyway) and his libo card (which he needs to get off of base if its past 11pm). So, if I go into labor next couple of nights Im messed unless he can find that wallet. Oh and we have to find a way to pay that bill as well.. Honestly I think Im putting tracking devices on everything cause we lose things way to easily.


Im going to go take out my stress on my poor innocent bathroom and then go onto the poor laundry.. If that doesn't work for a destressor Ill find something else. I was going to organize drawers but my youngest fell asleep in the bedroom and I dont' want her waking up.

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Found the wallet.. One of the munchkins hid it and it took me forever to find it.. I need to figure out how to explain to a 2 and 3 year old that no matter what Daddy has to go to work and hiding his wallet just stresses everyone out.

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Okimom I hope you find his wallet soon...(LOL I took so long to press submit that I see you have since found it...that is good news!! )


Sure is hot and humid here, it puts me in no mood to do housework, but fortunately for us we have a swimming pool to cool off in!


So far today:


big grocery shop

cleared out vegetable drawer

emptied dishwasher

stacked dishwasher

washed sheets

dried towels

vacuumed downstairs

brought in clothes off line


to do:


make bed with clean sheets

do blog post

cook dinner

vacuum some of upstairs









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Hello. It's gorgeous out. coolshine.gif

*relaxed a lot & watched a movie with DH. We hosted a sleepover last night.
*had a marathon study meeting yesterday
*made breakfast
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters clean)
*made lunch
*straightened the living room
*wiped down the bathrooms
*cleaned DD's room and the office
*made the bed
*took out the trash
*cleaned up the huge mess the girls made playing PlayDoh.

I hope to:
*study well tomorrow reading.gif

Have a goodnight. sleepytime.gif
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Well, I'm just up from like a 5 hr nap. sleeping.gif I can't believe how much I slept.

Today I:

*cleaned out the utensil holder
*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters clean)
*straightened the living room
*wiped down the bathrooms
*made the bed
*took out the trash
*took DD to the barn cat.gifdog2.gif
*studied some reading.gif

Tomorrow I will do more. Have a goodnight.
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so far today I took a shower and started BBQd chicken in the crock pot I hope to clean something maybe the ferret room

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Cleared out a closet today and sorted out junk vs. donatable stuff.
Laundry... Bleh!
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round one in the dishwasher , chiken and root veggie stew on the stove half the makeings for veggie meatloafs shreeded ds and I had lunch finshed a few things online my kitchen looks like crap but I know when Im done with today I should have a fridge and freezer full of prepared food then I can clean oh to have a meal delivery service

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Originally Posted by Graceie View Post

oh to have a meal delivery service

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meal delivery service would be so nice.. especially one that delivered well balanced nutritious meals instead of pizza or fast food..


So I didn't do anything this weekend except rest and play with the kids. Not to productive but the girls enjoyed it lol.gif.. Today I need to get some stuff done

On the list:

Quick clean apartment (need to recover from DH's help this weekend)- kitchen, master bedroom, hall bathroom, playroom and girls room done

Laundry.. laundry.. laundry- last load in dryer

Scrub tubs/showers

scrub sinks- 1 done

scrub behind toilets 1 done\

clean toilet well 1 done

clean out medicine chests 1 done

clean out cupboards 1 done

clean under sinks 1 done

wash shower curtains- pulled them off, waiting on the washer to be done with the load to put them in

rehang shower curtains 1 done

wipe down walls 1 done

scrub bathroom floors 1 done

organize dresser drawers

organize nightstands

organize jewelry

organize and clean girls closets

wash baby clothes- waiting to be put away

wash baby carriers- air drying right now

set up diaper area in living room

set up diaper area in bedroom

set up bouncers and moses basket where they need to be


If I get all that done I have a bunch more stuff that I should have gotten done this weekend that I didn't.

I'm going to go work on the hall bath first while the girls play in the bath.. When they are done hopefully I'm done with most of it. It shouldn't be to bad since I did most of it a couple of months ago. When they are done with their bath Ill scrub the tub, walls and floors... the floors should have enough water on them that I don't even have to use a bucket lol.gif

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there are a bunch around here I just might sign up for it next time I have a new born : ) but I just cant affored it on a daily bassiss : ( but the good news is after today I shoudnt have to cook much at all for at least a few weeks exept for maybe veggies from the CSA box and breakfasts

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Went to put the baby clothes away and remembered I hadn't cleaned out the closet yet so I did that first. Now Im going to go rotate laundry and start on the bathrooms.

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Got almost all of the hall bathroom done. Now its lunch and nap time for the girls.

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Ok, the girls are down for a nap right now so Im going to go scrub the hall bathroom's floors then rehang the shower curtain. When that is done Ill start the master bedroom's bathroom.

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changed towels

clipped DS nails

got DS hair cut

dusted 3 childrens rooms

hung out clothes


to do:


clean bathroom mirrors

sweep bathroom floor

find some new unused things in bathroom to donate

make pizza

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