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So far I've only:


stripped my DS's beds

Laundry:  reds, towels

Paid bills





Laundry - sheets

Pick up family room

Organize DD's room

Give DD bath & wash her hair...this is a chore I hate!!!!


Don't know if I'll have time for more....still have many chapters of physiology to study oops.gif

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I seriously need some motivation these days.  I think this is the thread for me!  It is 11am.


My list for today:


feed the rabbits

wash the dishes

clean the kitchen

clear the bar

clean the bookcase in living room


clear my room




Okay, so now I've also:

cleared the foyer

set up play area in living room for kiddos



And I'm adding to my list:

vacuum house

finish lesson 4 quiz


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So far today:


scrubbed toilet

made beds


to do:


make coffee

have breakfast

clear desk (huge job!)

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Im still working on things from yesterday. Im so tired sleeping.gif all I really want to do is sleep. DD1's birthday is Saturday though and Im due in 2 weeks so I need to get some stuff done. Now for the motivation to do it. Im going to go shower and get a shopping list together so I can send DDs and DH out food shopping. While they are gone Ill try to work on the playroom because its easier for me to get it clean when I don't have the girls under foot.

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I caught a crazy stomach bug so I'm down for the count. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. sick.gif


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I'm sorry, *bejeweled*. I hope you feel better!


Wow, Okimom! You're getting very close to your due date!


I didn't get around to picking up the bedroom or doing laundry yesterday, so I have those things to do today. We'll see how I do.  So far I've journaled and that's it. :-)

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Hello. Thank you PoetryLover. I feel so much better this morning. smile.gif Thank God.

*made yummy grits and hot tea for breakfast
*read the newspaper
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters clean)
*took out the trash
*straightened the living room
*made the bed
*took DD to piano

I'm taking it easy today and just studying reading.gif.

Have a great Day.
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Jumping in here as I have really gotten off track with my cleaning routines and my house is a disaster. redface.gif I could use some accountability! My list for today is:


-Get all of the laundry washed AND put away

-Clean bathroom (I have little boys who need to work on their aim)

-Dishes washed

-Clean kitchen

-Clean all floors - vacuum or sweep and mop

-Tidy up living room and our bedroom

-Clear stair landing

-Do math and reading with DS1


Oh, and I should probably get us all out of our pjs at some point, too. blush.gif

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I started cleaning ferretville , a load of ferret wash making chard chips and washing dishes need to finsih kitchen clean up and vacuum
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I've got an ookey tummy too, and the babe seems a little under the weather as well.  We have not moved from the couch today.  At least I got all caught up on laundry & dishes last night.

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Originally Posted by rajahkat View Post

I've got an ookey tummy too, and the babe seems a little under the weather as well.  We have not moved from the couch today.  At least I got all caught up on laundry & dishes last night.

I hope it passes quickly...
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Bejeweled and rajahkat I hope you are both feeling much better!


Okimom don't overdo it...if you need sleep then make sure you sleep.

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I umm spent yesterday sleeping.. I needed it so I don't feel bad about it. Its good I did too, my upstairs neighbors were having some sort of party ALL NIGHT LONG and the pounding on the ceiling kept me up. Luckily I took my hubbys advice and slept yesterday or Id be miserable this morning..


Im going to do some sewing and pack the bags I need to pack today. DH is concentrating on doing the rest of the cleaning that needs to be done and playing with the rug rats. The girls are going to try to pull every toy out of the playroom and set them up in the living room (ok, this is against the house rules but at almost 4 and 2 they still try!). DDs birthday is Saturday so I have some stuff I need to finish for that and wrap the rest of her presents. Im glad I ordered her a cake instead of trying to make one, Im really to tired to try to make a cake since cake decorating isn't one of my favorite things to do.


To dos for today:

pack bags

put bags in car along with nursing pillow

put pump in car (just in case I need it)

make doll dresses/bloomers and put on the dolls

put dolls in car with bags (Im giving them to the girls at the hospital so they have their own "babies" to hold)

Finish making DD's birthday present (hair tie organizer) and wrap it

make DD's birthday outfit and wrap it

Find the cord I got for the birth necklace and if I find it make the necklace. If not Ill have to go pick up some more so I can make the necklace. The beads are so nice I really want to get it done BEFORE I go into labor instead of after.


Thats it for me.. DH has his own list of things he wants to get done. Im not sure whats on it but thats his stuff to do. As long as it gets done I don't care what order it gets done in.

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Today I:
*made breakfast
*read the newspaper smile.gif
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters clean)
*took out the trash
*straightened the living room
*wiped down the bathrooms
*dusted the office
*made the bed
*ran to the drugstore
*had a very good study meeting. reading.gif

I'm taking it easy this evening. teapot2.GIF
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I feel a bit better today thank goodness!  So what to do, what to do.


Drag Christmas boxes back out to  garage

Mop the floors

Clean bathrooms

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I need to finish vacuuming and cleaning up ferretville I loaded the dishwasher so the kitchen is already looking better I need to shower and get dressed . Im in a funck today and yesterday must get out and go for a walk or something
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I'm dragging.. didn't get anything done yesterday either. I did get a good amount of sleep last night and I have the motivation today to get things done since DD1's birthday is Saturday and I want to make it special for her.

Reds Im working on, Blues aren't happening today.

Today I plan on:

-prenatal appointment at 1530

- DH has the smooth move workshop this morning so we should have a good idea whats going on with the move by this afternoon

- pack labor bag

- pack postpartum bag

- pack coming home bag

- pack girls bags

- finish big sister gifts

- put all bags/gifts into car along with nursing pillow and tripod for the camera.

- pick up packages

- make birth necklace (re buy supplies if I can't find them)

- quick clean apartment

- freeze meatloaf

- if we get the car seat pull all the car seats out of the car and clean them all. My girls car seats are kind of gross.

- work on the last minute birthday gifts for DD1

- rewrite birth plan, the girls got ahold of it and colored all over it with black marker.. of course before I got it typed up!

-catch up on laundry last load in dryer

- wash the clothing for the clothing swap

- separate the clothing by size for the swap

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Im going to start by taking a shower then Im going to work on quick cleaning the apartment so I make sure its done. By the time I get the back part done it should be time to rotate the laundry. Ill see what I can get done from there. DH is going to be home around 1230-1 so Id like to at least have the cleaning stuff done by then.

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I picked up DSs room started a load of wash and moved some non office out of the office and into stuff into the hall closet Im trying to find a few more things towrards my 2011 and eating brownies for the rest of DSs nap I also need to do the dishes , my new goal is not to waste any extra adrenaline on housework and to just be chill about it I think it will still get done and I might be less tired we shall see

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I showered and got a load of laundry folded and put away. Off to clean the disaster area.. aka.. the playroom.

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