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cleaned the bathtub switched the laundry wiped down a little more of the kitchen cleaned a little more of ferretville and found three more things towards my 2011

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Done with the back of the apartment, now off to check on the laundry, hopefully throw the last load in the washer and then clean the living room and rest of the kitchen. After thats done Im putting together the meatloaf to freeze, making one for dinner and then Ill go from there. Hopefully I can get all that done before DH comes home from his classes.

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Front area cleaned and the meatloaf frozen.. Hubby is home with the carseat Yay! Folded and put away the laundry and started the first load of clothing for the swap. Now to open the carseat and let it air out and to work on the bags I need to pack.

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Today I have:


joined the gym, yay! joy.gif

bought school shoes for DD

planned meals for week

washed towels

washed sheets

made 3 beds

cleaned two toilets


to do:


vacuum upstairs

cleaned third toilet

clean out freezer

make dinner

make one bed with washed sheets

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Today I:
*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters clean)
*straightened the living room
*wiped down the bathrooms
*made the bed
*ran errands
*studied a little
*went to the grocery store
*took out the trash
*made a big pot of vegetable soup

I hope to:
*study more tomorrow lol.gif
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Clutterwarrior, Congrats on joining the gym. That's a big deal. thumb.gif
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Blues Im waiting on DH to do/help me with, reds Im working on.


Yesterdays I didn't get done:

- pack labor bag-

- pack postpartum bag

- put cover on nursing pillow

- finish big sister gifts pulled out the fabric, pattern and dolls. Im working on this after lunch! It WILL get done today!!!

- put all bags/gifts into car along with nursing pillow and tripod for the camera.- need to wait until tonight when DH is home with the car

- make birth necklace (re buy supplies if I can't find them)

- work on the last minute birthday gifts for DD1

- rewrite birth plan, the girls got ahold of it and colored all over it with black marker.. of course before I got it typed up!

- wash the clothing for the clothing swap- last load in dryer

- separate the clothing by size for the swap



-put batteries in IPOD dock- can't wrong sized batteries dizzy.gif

- wrap last minute gifts for DD1

- work on things I need to finish for the hospital bags

- charge camera for this weekend

- clean kitchen- just need to sweep/mop

- clean living room- just need to sweep/mop

- install car seats when DH gets home from work


But first I need to get the girls to lay down for a nap. They have been up since 3am and they are crabby.

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the bags are as packed as they can get right now. There are still a few things I need to get/finish making before they are totally packed but I can add those things with the bags in the car.. Next up big sister gifts.

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Thanks Bejeweled...I really need to lose a few kilos so I am hoping it will help me. orngbiggrin.gif


Today it feels too hot to do much housework...this hot weather is really not good for the state of my house!  Going to be boiling hot tomorrow so will have an excuse to put the aircon on (too expensive to run unless it is very hot) which means I will feel up to cleaning then.


Going to try to do a few things:


clean bathroom mirrors

rinse out bathtub

change towels

collect up rubbish

put rubbish out

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Good Day.
Today I am studying really well. thumb.gif

I hope to:
*take DD to the barn cat.gifdog2.gif

*made breakfast
*got DD off to school
*cleared the kitchen (dishes rinsed, counters clean)
*made the bed
*took out the trash
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Hi! I noticed a new thread was started and wanted to post the link here. :-)



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So far today:


Cleaned off top of refrigerator

Wiped down kitchen ceiling fan

Got cobwebs out of kitchen

Dishes....two loads....yuck.

Laundry - washed one load



Still need to:

Completely do at least 3 more loads of laundry

Declutter family room

Sweep family room

Start dinner

Start organizing DD's room


I'm so tired......

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This, is awesome. 


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Okay I am going to set the timer for 30 minutes and I will come back and report.

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