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Fundal heights?

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I was just curious for the new moms and the mom-agains, anyone see any correlation between their fundal heights and their kids' birth weight? For my Midwives, for the past 6 weeks instead of typical pre-natal care, we meet in a centering group with 6 couples total. But, we all get measured for our fundal heights every time. Mine have gone up, but I'm currently measuring 27 cm for 28 wks 3d, so I'm supposed to be at about 28cm, since FH is supposed to correspond to weeks pregnant.

I'm in this group with 5 other pregnant women due about the same time and I'm the smallest (belly wise), so I was just curious, what others have experienced. I was an 8'11oz baby, so I think I'll have a big guy, I'm also 5'9" and a 160lbs to start with, so I've just had this assumption that I would have a big baby. I'm interested to see how this plays out, but curious to hear what others have experienced with this.

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I don't put a lot of stock in them either. For moms with other babes, her uterus might expand faster, or one might have a bit more fluid than the other. My only experience with fundal heights as far as comparisons go is that my last baby measured 4cm ahead from the very start, and was over 10lb. This one is measuring 2cm ahead. So I don't know. My first was measuring right on and was 8lb 6oz at birth. So maybe I'm looking at a 9-lb-er?
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With my first pregnancy with DD, I always measured on target and she came at 38 weeks at 6lbs 9oz. I was a 7lb-something myself. I am 5'6" and my starting weight was 158, 10lbs higher than my 1st pregnancy. I am at 182lbs already.

I think it has more to do with how far along you are when you deliver and the sex of the baby.

I am still measuring on target with this baby, it's a boy. I also get monthly ultrasounds to monitor his growth due to a single umbilical artery and his measurements reflect how far along I am. He's doing great.
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No correlation here. My first 4 always measured on target and ranged from 7lb9oz to 9lb2oz.
As of 4 weeks ago, my fundal height was "large" (not officially measured, just felt), but my u/s measurements had the baby spot on for dates.
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My last I measured 6 cms large and she was born at 41.5 weeks weighing only 7 pounds. It will be interesting to see how this babe comes out as I've been measuring mostly right on average. I assume he's going to be big like his brother though.
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My first 2 pgs, I always measured right on. My next 2, I was a couple weeks ahead until the end when it caught up. My 5th and so far this one have measured many weeks ahead. At 22 weeks, I was measuring 28. At my last appt (27wk) I was measuring 31. My uterus just expands quickly now. Any u/s I've had have always shown the baby's growth right on even though my uterus is measuring ahead.

Most of my kids have been in the 8-9lb range. My 5th came 4 wks early and was 6 lbs but I'm sure he probably would have been about the same as his siblings if he'd stayed in a few more weeks.
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thanks for the responses, it's interesting. So many things you can consider in pregnancy....
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