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Placental cyst near umbilical cord

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Hello all. I am a totally healthy 24 year old currently 22 weeks pregnant with my first--no significant medical history on either my side or my husband's

After reviewing my 20 week ultrasound at my last prenatal appointment (Sept 8th), my obgyn informed me that I have a large ~4.5cm placental cyst located near my umbilical cord. She said it was present at my 12 week ultrasound--which I was never told--and that it has grown considerably since then. She really didn't have anything further to add, just mentioned the possibility of premature Cesarean delivery in the event of IUGR--intrauterine growth restriction--or that it could mean a possible birth defect. She said that right now, my baby girl is right on track in development for her gestational age (apart from a large abdominal size of "questionable significance"--head:abdomen ratio was still in normal range). My obgyn referred me to a specialist who couldn't get me in until the 23rd. OF COURSE, with no information given to me, I scoured the internet for answers, only to discover the "ominous findings" related to such anomalies. Those first few days were tough.

I have searched the forums and seen some other posts from women who have been diagnosed with placental cysts. I still have 9 days until my appointment with the specialist, so while trying to "keep everything normal" it is still a struggle to not fall apart due to the uncertainty of the circumstances.

She's been kicking more frequently and stronger every day, so I try to take that as a sign of her good health, strength and vitality. But the fact that there is something else growing inside of me that might harm her is terrifying.

If you know of anyone that has experienced this or have gone through it yourself, please feel free to comment. I would really like to know what happened in those cases, good or bad. My obgyn had never seen a placental cyst near the umbilical cord this BIG this early in the pregnancy. That's always great to hear. :/
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Not sure if this helps, but i had a placental cyst with DS, though I am not sure of the size or location. Nobody was really concerned, and I had him at home, perfectly healthy I remember not finding much info about it when I researched it. Try not to worry!
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Thanks for the reply. By "DS" do you mean downs syndrome (sorry I'm new)? Our nuchal translucency test came back 1.22, which is the normal range, but even my obgyn said that she could be that 1 in 10,000. I suppose birth defects are something we may do invasive testing for later on after seeing the specialist.
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-ha- I found the abbreviations glossary. So "DS" is "Dear Son".
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Totally forgot I made this profile and someone just PMed me regarding this thread, so I realized I should really post the outcome!!!




I had an ultrasound at 12 3/7 weeks and the cyst was adjacent to the placenta and the placental insertion site and it measured 3.3 x 2.5 x 3.0 cm (in other words, huge). 


At 20 1/7 weeks the cyst had become complex and had grown to 4.5 x 2.0 x 4.0 cm (about the diameter of a golf ball).




My appointment with the perinatal specialist was at 23 2/7 weeks.  And the cyst had totally disappeared.  The fetus, placenta, 3 vessel cord, and insertion site were all normal love.gif My daughter didn't experience any growth restriction during the first half of the pregnancy with the cyst, the specialist even commented that she was actually measuring tall and that she was "perfect".  I asked him if it was normal for a cyst of that size to just disappear and he just smiled and said, "Well, it did."


My little miracle baby girl was born vaginally at 39 6/7 weeks on January 17, 2011 at 5:55am after 29 hours and 15 minutes.  She was 9lbs 1 oz, 21 inches, and totally healthy.

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Wow!  I'm so happy it all turned out so well!  Congratulations and enjoy your sweet baby!

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What a wonderful outcome! Congratulations on your little miracle girl!

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I Just found out i have a two inch cyst on my placenta. Scary thought thinking it's that BIG. Kinda freaks me out. Hope it doesn't get bigger. I want 

my baby girl to be safe. I'm 25 weeks. Sucky part is my next ultrasound is 5 weeks away. And is the fetal growth restriction just meant they're going 

to be small or is there something wrong mentally? :( 

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Thank you so much for your follow up post...I'm 19 weeks pregnant with my 2nd little girl, and just found out that I have a placental cyst right on the umbilical cord too.  I had three different ultrasounds in different offices yesterday, and I could tell that the doctors were all very concerned, and all I read out there is that this type of cyst is ominous.  Your story gives me a lot of hope!  Congratulations on your daughter, I'm so happy for you that it all worked out so well.

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Hi! so i just received news yesterday ( i am 21 weeks along with our first child, a boy) that they found a small cyst near the umbilical cord that does not have blood going through it. This was my 3rd ultrasound at the hospital and it has never shown up on anything before.

Of course, now i am extremely worried and nervous because it is going to take 2 weeks or more to get into this specialist. I can feel him kicking and moving around like he always does, so im hoping that is a good sign.

any moms out there have any advice? This whole ordeal has been very upsetting( i spent the rest of the afternoon crying after receiving the news).
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There were concerns with my son's health during my pregnancy with him and I, too, was scheduled for an ultrasound that was weeks away with no information or reassurance until then. I called the practice and begged them to get me in sooner, and they ended up letting me come in at 6am a week early. Everything turned out well with my son, too <3 Just an idea for anyone who is going through the difficult waiting period. 

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