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Thimerosal in contact lens solutions???

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If this is the wrong board to be posting this in, by all means please move this post.

I was just reading on the CDC website that Thimerosal is contained in some contact lens solutions. Does anyone know which kinds? What would it say on the label if the solution did contain it? Is there contact lens solution out there that doesn't contain Thimerosal and what kind is it? This got me kinda freaked out. I don't want to be putting that junk anywhere near my body let alone directly into my eyes!!

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The label will say Thimerosal. At least that's what it used to say back in the day when I wore contacts (about five years ago.) Thimerosal burned my eyes, so I avoided it like the plague. I used the cleaning system with the container, the little disk, and the hydrogen peroxide solution. I don't remember the name, but it worked welll and didn't have thimerosal in it.
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When I wore contacts years ago, I had to stay away from thimreosal too. My eyes are very sensitive, which is why I don't wear contacts at all anymore, so I had to read the labels to see which didn't have the stuff. I'm pretty sure Baush & Lomb had it, but the Alcon Free stuff didn't. That was a good 5-10 years ago, so it's quite possible it's changed.
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Alcon! That's what I used too. I remember that it was a little pricey but gentle on my eyes (or, at least, as gentle as contacts could be.)
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No, there's another name. I have no idea what anymore but I asked my eye dr. and he told me. Then, said his brand doesn't. I'd just call & ask. If he has no idea what you're talking about, I'd be scared.:LOL
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YES! The thimerosal burned my eyes big time too! It was the Renu Multi-Purpose stuff. It said right on the bottle that it contained thimerosal(then again, this was about 5 years ago when I had no clue!). I just use the Wal-Mart brand saline solution and make sure to clean well and change often. I wear my glasses a lot so my eyes aren't too strained.
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I use Bausch and Lomb for gas-permeable lenses, and it doesn't list thimerosal as an ingredient.
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Yeah, but there really IS another name for it. Or, for a similarly dangerous ingredient.

I just have no idea what.
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I saw that as an ingredient in dh's contact solution before (forgot the brand) and I freaked out! I'm so thankful he had lasik done and no longer needs that stuff.

For the record I still have a bottle of Renu multiplus in the house that is newish and the ingredients are:
Hydranate, poloxamine, dymed (polyaminoproplybiguanide, boric acid, edetate disodium, sodium borate and sodium chloride.

I have no idea if one of those is thimerasol under a different name or not maybe someone else might.
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I use Kirkland (Costco brand) multi-purpose solution which specifically states that it contains no Thimerosal.
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I think rithiolate is another name
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Optimum works

I too developed an allergy to the pereservatives in Boston solution - 10 years after starting to use it! Optimum has a line of totally preservative free products - I found it at either target or walgreens, don't remember which (by the time we figured it out i had pretty much discarded contact wearing, and now only wear glasses). But i liked Optimum for the few months i tried it!
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