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queer family conference in Philly

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In case anyone nearby is interested: http://www.phillyfamilypride.org/con...ers-conference

It looks great, is totally affordable, and has workshops geared towards established families, new families and couples planning to ttc. we'll be there so let me know if you plan to attend so we can look for each other.
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Oh no! We have a wedding back in Rhode Island that weekend! Bummer. I would have loved to go.

PF, are you guys in Philly now? If so, we should totally have a play date sometime. We're in DC, but my mom lives in Delaware, so we're in the area pretty regularly.

Enjoy the conference!
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Wow, thanks for the info! I am just a few miles from Philly, and may go. Part of me wants to go and just be around the community of queer parents! My only concern is that childcare is for kids 3+. Noah will be 3 a few days after the conference...do you think they'll check ID? He also naps in the afternoon, but would love to go to the dance. Will have to think about my options! Very cool, thanks for sharing!
If anyone else is planning to go, let me know and maybe we can meet up.
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Man, I'd love to! I've esp. been meaning to try to meet up w/ some of y'all IRL. Lol.

Buuuuuut, considering it's about two weeks on the nose after my due date, I don't think we'll be in attendance this year. Looks like they have some other cool events, though!

gamitzer - too bad it's the dad's group and not the mom's group that's meeting in Collingswood!
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Angela - i would love that. I'll write you a note

gamitzer - i'm sure a few days won't matter!

Lyndzies - You are so close! once baby is here and life has settled some we'll have to get together.
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This sounds great! Especially since it's basically right down the street from me and definitely around the corner from my office.

Unfortunately, that is a busy day for us. DW has class in the AM, then we have to present at a Lesbian Forum on Financial and Real Estate issues and then a wedding reception.

If anyone is going, have a great time and fill us in on how it was!
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Hey guys, my MIL is taking Noah for the day so I can attend the conference in peace! I'll let you know how it goes.
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