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All natural/organic face lotion and wash?

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I am in need of some new facial lotion and wash. I want to keep it all natural/organic and I do check Skin Deep site to see the ratings. I don't want to spend tons of money but spending $15 for each thing is ok for me.

What do you recommend? Where do you buy it?

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Sorry I don't have an answer for you but I did want to say thanks for the Skin Deep resource. I was looking to start changing out my own beauty products since I'm making the effort to use non-toxic products.
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I started using Dr. Weil's Mushroom serum and it has changed my face. Lines erased and I have an amazing glow. I have serum, and mushroom lotion. Incredible. Its pricey but it WORKS and its your face. Your face is worth it.
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I've become quite an addict of 100% Pure.
Their stuff is pricey but I really love it. Usually they run some promo that makes it a bit less expensive.
In addition to using their face lotions, I love their body lotions and body washes. My daughter LOVES the lotions and I use their bubble bath for her. Gotta buy on sale though.
Good luck!
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I use the Juice Organics face wash and face lotion... love it!
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Have a look at the threads re wash your face with honey, oil cleansing method.

I can recommend both, although honey is not enough for me- I do it afterwards sometimes.
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Yes to honey and OCM.

What I'm using right now is Bronner's Baby Mild for washing and jojoba oil with a bit of lavender for "lotion".
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Check out www.kaylala.com Skin Deep just evaluated all their products and they average a 2 (and the ones that are higher are because of lavender and lanolin).
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Originally Posted by lastrid View Post
Check out www.kaylala.com Skin Deep just evaluated all their products and they average a 2 (and the ones that are higher are because of lavender and lanolin).
Thanks! I took a look at the web site and found a few things I would love to get. The dinosaur eggs for sure and the Ouch Ointment. I have already book marked the site.
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I hadn't noticed other people had responded to this post so I was excited to find other places to look!! I book marked the Juice Organics and the Kaylala site too. I will have to do a search on the Honey and the Oil cleaning method on here.
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I've always had adult acne, so I thought I HAD to have some kind of face wash.  A while after going no poo, I decided to just wash my face with a cloth and water and see what happened.  Well, my face didn't get any better, but it got no worse.  It is just the same!  So, now I just use water and scrub a little with a small round loofah.  Saves me time and money.  I would have never have thought it would work for me until I tried it.

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This is something


so simple, and it's really helped my face become bright and clear.  I cut up a lemon and rub it on my face, let it sit through the one minute 'sting' and then for about 10 more minutes, then rinse with water.  Nothing could be cheaper- you can use one lemon and just cut off another slice for about four nights.  I also like using a gelcap of Vitamin E, just breaking it open and rubbing the oil into my skin at night- it's absorbed and moisturized by the next morning. 

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Anything Aubrey Organics is amazing. Around for so many years and really dependable. I know I can always buy any product and love the ingredients without having to analyze everytime!

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I buy my moisturizers and shampoos from www.bestorganicdeals.com. They have some of the best organic skin care products and they list the ingredients of the products which is great because from my years of buying organic products, some claim they are pure and organic when in fact they use preservatives and other chemicals. Good luck!!

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Are you opposed to making your own? If not here is a fabulous recipe smile.gif


3 parts honey 
4 parts finely ground almonds (gentle exfoliant)
1 part apple cider vinegar (toner)
1 part water
few drops lavender essential oil (anti-aging and anti-acne)

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Vitacost.com has great deals on natural and organic products. I like Earth Science brand for face wash and Burt's Bees carrot creme for moisturizer, although the carrot creme is fairly oily so probably not good for acne-prone, but great for those with winter-dry skin like me up here in Minnesota :)

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THE OCM is really very simple to make.  The reason it works is because oil cuts oil.  Just use jojoba (about 60-70%), which is very much like our own sebum and helps dissolve excess, and then either castor or hazelnut (30-40%), which are both astringent oils.  Then add just a bit of essential oil, whatever your preference.  1/2% is good for the face.


Apply to moist skin and massage in.  Wait a few minutes, then removed with warm water.



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Thank you all for your responses!!  I am going to try the OCM so thank you to the ones who provided a recipe!


I also need a moisturizer for my legs and arms but again do not want something commercial.  Would the OCM work for my arms and legs too?  If not, I will look on some of the sites that were provided here.

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I've been using the OCM method for 1-2 years now. LOVE it! I've had acne since I was 8, so that's 30 years of experience of battling my own skin. OCM had done great things for me. I still wash with an exfloaint maybe 1x's a week, but use OCM or just water most days.


I've also rubbed the said oil into my whole body for a great mouisturizing treatment, so feel free to use on your body as well.


I use:

50% castor oil - goes deep into your skin

25% jojoba - close to natural sebum

20% olive oil - good anti-axoidants

5% apricot oil - good for fine lines


I don't measure when I make a new batch, but above is the guideline I try to follow when I pour the various oils into my oil bottle.

I keep it in the shower, shmear it all over face in the shower, rub it in, do the rest of my shower routine, and then rinse off. I normally just do water and a wash cloth at night in the sink if I didn't take a bath or shower that night.

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Wow, 2 great recipes to try!  Thanks so much!  I do need to make a run to Whole foods soon so I will be looking for those oils.  I take it I can get all of them there?


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