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Times Magazine Cover: Why Israel doesn't care about peace

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X-posted in the Jewish Tribe forum

Have any of you seen the Times cover for the most recent Time magazine issue? I saw it today in the grocery store it made me feel very uncomfortable. Here is a link to the article and the cover photo, http://www.time.com/time/covers/0,16...100913,00.html
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The link does not work.
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I don't usually read Time, but did you read the article? I did when I clicked the link. They are talking about the "man on the street" and how they are out busy living their lives on a daily basis and not focusing on these peace talks at the White House. They also cite a poll that was done asking people what is most important to them ( paraphrasing, because I can't remember the exact wording) and where on the list peace fell. It wasn't number 1 or 2.

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I did read the article I felt it was written in a very biased way, and that it was inflammatory. The article made the Israeli Jews appear cold and unfeeling. I don't find polls to mean that much, how many people did they poll, what were the age ranges, sexes they just don't give a true picture IMO.
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I think the end of the article - the last two paragraphs summed up Isreal overall. People may like to tell themselves that peace 'doesn't matter', but I don't believe it. And I doubt they really believe it either. Sometimes people lie to themselves, lie to each other. And I think thats whats going on here.

There was a guy in my spanish classes when I was in Spain from Isreal, and he told me something that I did not know before and have not seen pointed out before. In Isreal *everyone* has to join the army/airforce/whatever for a time right out of high school. I think its 5 years - from 18-23 yrs your in the armed forces. After that, if you want you can leave and do other things, but for those 5 years out of high school thats what you do. Thats why you'll never meet an Isreali outside isreal between 18/19-23/24 yrs old. You just won't, cause' they're occupied.

And so, everyone knows someone in the army - everyone has a son or daughter or brother or sister or aunt or uncle or cousin or niece or nephew or gandson/granddaughter in the army. Everyone. Which means that everyone pays at least a smidge of attention to the war/peace talks. Because everone knows *someone* close to them, who is in danger.
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