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Is there a Kitchener/Waterloo tribe?

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We moved to Kitchener (from Windsor) two years ago. My kids are dd-12, ds-5, and dd-4.
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HERE!!! we live downtown kitchener! i have one daughter named Anneke and she is 7 months old.! welcome!


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I'm in KW too!  There are lots of like-minded parents here (as I found out when we moved here this past summer).  Drop by a La Leche League meeting next month and you'll meet some :D  We have two groups (one on Thursday mornings, and one on Wednesday evenings, once per month each) and they tend to be pretty wonderful :)  

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I'm from KW as well. I'm expecting my second child in 9 or so weeks and am looking for more things to do once I'm done work!

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Oh, there's also a babywearing group around here that I discovered at Busy Bees (the indoor playground on King Street close to Fairview Park mall).  They have a facebook page (KW Babywearing, I believe?).  


In terms of things to do around here, we spend lots of time at local libraries, Ontario Early Years Centres (two great ones in KW, plus satellites), local parks in the summer (Victoria Park is a favourite for the giant twisty slide), and of course LLL meetings (as mentioned above).  Also, I'd be up for playdates with like-minded parents, if anyone else is interested!  

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I'm out by Conestoga Mall and don't drive, so downtown Kitchener is a bit out of my way. (Can't wait for the LRT to come through.) Anyone else out my way?

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Im in KW too, no kids but doula in training and aspiring midwife.

I used to frequent the waterloo moms forum which is really great if you guys havent checked it out yet.

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Also a KW mom! 

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Are any of you on Waterloo-Moms.ca? It's a great site and very active. 


Stargirl, I see from your signature that you're UU. Do you go to a church in KW? I'm interested in chatting about it, if you are! 

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Hi fellow KWers.  Believe it or not I haven't been on this site since having my 18 month old son, used to lurk all the time.  Today I thought I'd come on looking for other KW moms.  I would just love to meet other likeminded moms in KW if anyone's interested.  I'm in Waterloo around University and Weber.

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I'm from KW!  Fairview Park Mall general area, step mother of one, and expecting my first in just over twenty weeks :)  I will be out to a LLL meeting within the next two or three months, just have to figure out my work schedule.

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Hey shiomi,


I found LLL to be great, and went when I was pregnant with my first as well. Congratulations, by the way! Maybe I'll see you at the meetings, or around other kid activities :) I live in the Country Hills area, so not too far from the mall. 


amyxinfinity - I hear you. I don't come here often either, especially being back at work now, but I love meeting and hanging out with like-minded moms too. :D 

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Hi there, I'm new here and from the KW area! Anyone still on here from the KW area?

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