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LG dishwasher experiences?

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I am checking out an LG stainless steel dishwasher. Anyone have one of these? What is your experience with it?

Have another brand or model you'd recommend more?
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Ok, so are there other kinds of dishwashers anyone wants to recommend?
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I don't remember the model numbers but we had 2 (notice past tense and plural) LG dishwashers. The first one broke and my husband fixed it. It broke again (still under warranty) and LG replaced it with the next model up. That one broke a year or so later and we gave up and switched to Maytag! I would definitely not buy another LG dishwasher. I'm neutral on Maytag...don't love it, don't hate it.

That said, in our last house we had a low-end model Bosch w/ stainless steel interior that we loved (we decided to save some money when we bought the Maytag for our current house...not sure if it was worth it or not). Hope this helps!
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Thank you, that is good to know. I am seeing your experiences pretty consistently in the reviews I've been reading, too.
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My roommate owns this house and she purchased new applicanes last year. The Dishwasher is a POS/PIA and its from the maytag store. I think its maytag brand. All I can say is I will never ever buy a dishwasher that is all stainless on the inside. IT SMELLS HORRID... like you need to evacuate the house horrid. IDK if its our hard water, the stainless, or a combo but man... I never had this problem with the plastic/rubber coated models.
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We have a LG dishwasher

While it looks really nice and I actually like the stainless inside (no smells here and we also have hard well water?) - it's junk My husband is very handy and has ripped this stupid thing apart like 5 times to replace different things. If he wasn't so handy it would have been replaced shortly after getting it.

We also don't like the LG fridge we bought

They all look so nice...but just don't work/function like they should. I wouldn't recommend the brand for kitchen appliances.
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Wow, it is amazing how similar the feedback is on LG appliances in general, everywhere I look. I have read a huge amount of reviews just like yours - they all say the appliances look impressive but are basically junk when it comes to performance.

So, now I definitely know which brand NOT to buy!
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Ok, I just paid attention to the DW this week. (I usually use paper plates and cups, yes horrible for MDC but I can not stand the smell from the DW)... and what ever DW we have does NOT clean the dishes... roomie is having to run the wash cycle 2x or only 1/2 load the machine. She buys those gel ball/power ball tab detergent things. I've used the powerball tabs for years in my reg machine w. out issue.
I would look for a diff. model.
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Can't speak to the dishwasher, but I do have an LG steam washer/dryer & would marry it if anything ever happened to my husband. That's how much I love it!
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