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how long did you use your sling?

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My chidren are now 4, 6 and 7. They all spent lots of time in the sling as babies and toddlers. I haven't used it for over a year as my littlest ones is now over 40 pounds.

Yesterday she was tired and miserable and on a whim I pulled out my sling and snuggled her in it. It was great! I couldn't carry her around for long like that but it sure felt nice to do it again. Then the others asked to go in. It was funny with the 7y.o. because he is only a foot shorter than I am but it wasn't so bad. My 6y.o. loved it - she snuggled right back into her old position and gave me the best hug in ages.
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I stopped putting my son in the sling when he was 2 1/2. I am very small framed and couldn't take the weight. Most slings have a weight limit of 30-35 pounds, it's a guidline so that the stitching doesn't come undone from all the weight. I do occasionally put my son in one just for fun, but my body just can't take it for long!
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I used our Maya Wrap constantly until DD was about 2.5 yo and just under 30 lbs. Now, she's 3.25 months and 33 lbs, and I still put her in it sometimes. It's great for those times when she wants to be held while we're out shopping or something. I can carry her on my hip for with the sling for a whole longer than without it.
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what sweet stories.

i used slings for about 2-1/2 years then it just made my back ache no matter what. plus dd wanted to walk more. i miss it a lot.
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Toddler ds is 3 and he still is occasionally slung...usually only when he is very tired (while we are out and about) and he will fall asleep within minutes
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I used my slings (Maya and New Native) until Ean was about 30 lbs (which, unfortunately, happened when he was only 17 months). I was 6 - 7 months pregnant when I finally admitted defeat!!
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I used my sling until my daughter was about 35 lbs. and the fabric ripped. It had seen a lot of action, though, I'd used it for about three years.
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Ds is almost 3.5, about 37 lbs. and I just bought a new wrap to use. :LOL

We retired the Maya and the rebozo and are on to an Ellaroo. He likes to ride on my back when we go for longer walks in the neighborhood.
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Many years (like four)
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