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More ways to wear 13 month old?

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My guy was not a sling fan when he was little. We had a sling from the time he was born, but even as a newborn, he cried in it. I think it was too deep for him, because it seemed to have something to do with not being able to see out. Or maybe it was too hot? (It's a tube sling, or pouch, the kind that is made out of fleece.) So we got a Kelty carrier and used that a lot, until he was a little over 6 months and 20 lbs. and too heavy for the weight limit on the Kelty. We also carried him in our arms a lot, and still do!

Sometime around 8 months I figured out that he could sit on my hip, so I started using the sling as a hip carrier. I also got a Hip Hammock. My baby prefers the sling though! It's so much easier for him to get into it and out of it.

We have tried a front carry in the sling when he was smaller, but he didn't enjoy that for long.

Now that he is 13 months, any recommendations for other carrying options? It would make me happy to learn how to use the sling in another way, or to get a recommendation for another type of carrier. We have a hand-me-down Evenflo frame backpack, but um, my chest is kind of too big for it. I can use it, it just looks like I'm binding my bosom.
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I love wearing my 15 month old on my back

In the "what sling do you use?" thread I have pics of her on my back if that helps visualize

I loooove it because then she's not trying to type or eat my food
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When my kids were over a year, the only hold I used was the hip carry. For some reason I have always been nervous of the back carry, I think because my arms arn't totally accessible in case *something* happens. Just seems scary if they decide to arch their back, like maybe thier weight could flip them out??? I don't know, I just felt comfortable with the hip carry and used it daily!
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DS is 19 months and we have only used the kangaroo position since he was 6 mo. It doesn't free my hands up so much anymore since he grabs at everything in sight, but is good for errands and general carrying. He likes to be walked in it to go to sleep.
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on the back!!!
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Um....how do I get him on my back? I'm going to look for my sling instructions, but if you have a link good folr your less coordinated mama--lay it on me!
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I've tried getting my maya-style sling in the back carry, but I end up immobilizing one arm and smooshing at least one breast. Right now, I use the hip carry exclusively.

I'd like some tips, too.
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I'm having a heck of a time getting the maya sling back carry down myself. I have a smaller all cloth sling (I made it myself) but with the Maya the rings always squash a boob. Also my little guy (14 months and 25 lbs,not so little little guy)gets freaked out by back carrying sometimes and wants to go back to my hip. I am trying to get him use to it,if I sing and sort of dance with him in the back he enjoys it but of course I look like a lunatic bouncing through the neighborhood singing "papoose,papoose,sha la la la la!":LOL but once he's laughing he stops fussing.
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I have directions with pictures here http://www.snugglebugstore.com/SlingDirections.html My pictures aren't great, the babe was wiggly when I took them. The back carry directions are at the bottom. You might also try the front sitting position.

Oh, & if anyone has suggestions for my directions, or notices anything that isn't too clear, I'd love feedback
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