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Labor vibes needed

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I had a membrane sweep done yesterday morning. I will be 42 weeks tomorrow.

I have been having some nice contractions since 6 this morning but nothing regular. It's a bit frustrating. I know it's silly but I really was hoping to magically go into labor after the sweep yesterday.

I was dilated to around a 4 which I realize means nothing in terms of going into labor but dang it...I'm 42 weeks pregnant so I'm taking it as a hopeful sign.

I'm rolling and bouncing on my ball and figured I'd ask you guys for some serious prayers.

So send up some labor prayers for me and send me any birthing vibes you can muster up!
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I feel for you mama!

My mom carried me 42+4 days and she said it was walking up and down the driveway and blackberry pie that finally did the trick.

Sending some strong vibes your way for an easy, joyful delivery of your little blessing. Good luck!

"My Belly is full of light and love."
"I wait patiently for the starting of labor."
"I am surrounded by loving, nurturing support."
"My baby will be born at the perfect moment."
--The Pocket Midwife
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due date crashing from Nov..

but (((hug))) my last 2 babies were both 42+1 if your baby is still in there its because its really happy! but sending you some serious baby-come-out energy... i threatened my last baby with Castor oil on the night of 40 weeks and that night labor started! she was born the next evening.

eta: it sounds like things are happening! some labors just go slow & steady!
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Sending positive labor vibes your way. FWIW, RRL tincture helped boot my blessing out. Hope you have a babe in arms soon!
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Good luck!
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ELV to you

My first came at 42w2d -- I know what it's like!
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ELV to you
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The day before Ian was born my mw checked me and during the exam I went from 3 to 5. You are right there mama!! ELVs to you!!!!
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