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Creative Memories

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I did not sign up with Creative Memories, but I did look into their consultant positions and it seemed like a nice business for several reasons:

1) your customers would be returning to continue their hobby - scrapbooking...there will always be more pictures!
2) the commissions were not huge, but a good starting ground. It was between 20-30% if I recall correctly

Here is the website for CM

The startup was a chunk...it was around $270, if I recall. You get a lot for that, so if you are into scrapbooking it may be a good way to get started for yourself either way?

And there are minimums to be ordered to remain a consultant and stay acive.

I was moreso interested in this for personal use discount, but I found that it was a bit more of an investment then I was ready for.
Their products are very nice quality and lifetime guaranteed.
I'd be interested to hear from others about how the career advancements work in Creative Memories?
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I am currently a CM consultant and have been for a little over a year

Honestly...I dont put enough time/effort into it to make any money

I am doing it for the discount (30% off)

So basically if anyone buys something from me...I make 30% of their order total.

The products really are top notch...I have been using CM products since 1992 and love everything I have ever purchased from them.

Lately they are trying to get more into the digital thing...they have software organizing software and they are also making digital photo books (like shutterfly does) and its all personalized etc.
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