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My 2 1/2 week old babe was diagnosed with thrush today. He was prescribed the regular course of Nysatin.
I have mild symptoms-- mildly sore nipples (could be from breastfeeding though) and my nipples were cracked the first week. I was given a one time oral dose of Flucazone (sp). After doing some research, I have seen that moms should take a week or so of antibiotics.

My question: Anyone have success with the one time dose of Flucazone.
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Nope. Just came right back. Tried all the natural remedies too but the only thing that knocked it out was 10-12 days of diflucan. Just my experience...
Thrush is SUCH a pain! Hang in there, mama! And congrats on the new babe!
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Hey mama sorry to hear you are struggling with thrush! We went down that road too and it can be a challenge. We used gentian violet - which dyes baby's mouth and mama's breasts purple but works really well. (You can buy it over the counter, and you paint it on your nipples and let baby nurse... just remember to paint VERY lightly!) I would recommend steering clear of antibiotics, as they can offset the healthy yeasty balance and make it worse for both you and babe. Eat lots of yogurt, take probiotics if you can. People also recommended a homeopathic remedy for thrush (which I never tried, but it's supposed to work.) Good luck!!
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