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My yoga teacher told me to get a 65cm ball to sit on. I bought mine at Target and it came in a pack with 2-3lb handweights and a video for $30. I'm already well over 200lbs and it works fine for me. There weren't any instructions with it, though so I wasn't sure if we pumped it up enough.
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I got a ball at Target too. You are right, they don't seem that sturdy. But I am not planning to use it past labor so spending a lot of money on one seemed like a waste to me. Mine was $13.99 and came with a pump. I am glad I pumped it up already, though, b/c it took me about 30 min to do it. And the thingy they give you to measure the diameter was way wrong, so use a tape meaure. :

Liz-you should check out the TP here. I got some birthing supplies from a mama in exchange for a scrapbooking album I am not going to use in the next 2 yrs anyway. It is great to swap stuff when money is tight. I liked the convenience of our birth kit for Tain's birth, but a lot of the stuff we didn't use. Like you aren't going to get 10 million hats already without an ugly one coming in the kit! And who needs a paper tape measure? Do you know how many chux come in your kit? I just got a package at Target for about $5 and there are 18 in there. Hard for me to imagine using that many, so I could share. I know I had a ton of those left over from Tain's birth. I also have lots of plastic sheeting-we found buying a roll at the hardware store to be more cost effective than buying a slew of shower curtains. There is plenty to share, as well. e-mail me at mattjule@adelphia.net if you are interested.

As far as registering goes, I wouldn't bother. When we registered for our wedding, we barely got anything from our list. People are going to buy you whatever they want to anyway. Plus I have found that people listen to what you want better when you don't register. It is weird, but so far in my life, true.

And changing tables...we have a contour pad-they come with velcro on the bottom and a strap for baby. I cringed at putting sticky velcro on the top of the beautiful dresser FIL made for ds and since it also had a non-skid bottom, I didn't. I never came close to ds falling off. If you are using a dresser, make the top drawer for diapers and wipes, that way it is never a question if they are handy or not. Ours has three drawers and two on the side-perfect sizes for dipes. We still use it and ds is 2 yo.

Well, we went a-shoppin' today. Got our refund check yesterday afternoon, deposited it this morning and spent it all by this afternoon! :LOL Well, we had a list, so it wasn't that hard. Came in slightly under for our bed (NEW! KING SIZE! DELIVERED ON FRIDAY! VERY VERY EXCITED!!!!!), under for other misc stuff we needed, over for a dresser-those things are pricey! But we had enough left over for the stroller!! A steam cleaner was on our list and I am so excited to not have gross carpet anymore. That is one thing that really sucks about apt living-carpet in every room and low-quality, easily stained carpeting. Yuck. I would love to rip it up, esp. b/c I know there are hardwood floors underneath. But, alas, we rent. A huge chunk goes to fixing our car, which goes to the shop tomorrow morning. We have been waiting for MONTHS to be able to fix it, so that is nice, too. And we still have some left over. I think I will forego the moses basket unless I find one really cheap on consignment or something. That means my list is complete. Still have to rearrange the bedroom and stuff, but at least the buying frenzy is over. I feel really good about the way things have gone. I didn't think our refund would go as far as it did. Thank god we got a big one this year.

It wasn't safe for us to co-sleep when Tain was a newborn. Our mattress is so worn that the sag in the middle was pretty deep. He would roll into me and be unable to move to breathe and the usable space in our bed was more like a twin than a queen. At about 1 1/2 mo, we weren't getting any sleep so dh moved to the couch and Tain moved into the bed. Dh didn't sleep in the bed with us until Tain was about 7 mo old. Then we put our bed on the floor and that combined with Tain being bigger allowed us to cosleep. So I am understandably excited about our new bed situation.

Well, the house is wrecked and I actually have energy and a toddler that needs a nap so I'll talk later. Have a great day, ladies. Belly rubs to everyone!
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Wow! You guys were chatty today!

Liz- CHeck out Target for a dresser. THey have a couple of cute ones that you could easily put a contoured changing pad on and they are around $150 or less and they are made by Lane. I just got a chest type dresser for my oldest there for $129 because the baby is taking the dresser/changing table combo she has.

I have an excercise ball that I bought at BJ's when I was pregnant w/ my second baby. It works great and it was cheap.

We don't have guard rails on either of our changing tables. THey both had the contoured changing pad thingy and that's it. We have a little shelf right above the dresser that holds wipes, the spray bottle for the wipes, diaper ointment and wraps and we have a diaper stacker that hangs off the table for pre-folds. So everything is right there. Also during the newborn stage we kept a fresh supply of onesies there too for those really fun changes!!

My dd's bm diapers have become increasingly more interesting too. The more colostrum I make the yuckier her diaper becomes!

Well I'm off to the gym! HAve a good night everyone!
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I'm feeling so much better today, aside from being starving from eating nothing but bananas and toast for two days straight. I'm gonna have to make a trip to the store today, we have no food in the house.

I've registered at BRU. Most of the showers I've been too the majority of gifts seemed to have come off of registeries, it's just pretty standard here. (I'm usually the only person to have ignored the registry... I usually bring a sling and a copy of The Baby Book). The only thing really expensive on my list is my Britax carseat
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Ceili ~ Glad you are feeling better!

I registered at felicite.com (mostly Organic Bebe stuff) and at BRU.

I'm having the first baby in 15 years in my extended family (mom's side)...first grandchld...first great grand-child...you get the picture...people want to buy baby stuff!!! BIG TIME!

At first I felt weird about registering but my mom was like, Erin...people REALLY WANT to buy baby stuff...so you might as well give them some ideas of what you'd like.

So...I registered for car seat, stroller, baby Bjorn etc at BRU and then all the great stuff I really want at felicite.com. For the most part my family is extremely supportive of my crazy ideas. They are excited about me CD-ing (especially my mom who loves to sew), they love my slings and are very pro-breastfeeding etc. The only thing they don't seem to get is co-sleeping...but that's okay...I'm not planning to sleep with any of them! :LOL

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I've never signed up for a registry. I saved everything of dd's, so anything else we get is unexpected and just for fun.

For some reason I've started feeling sick in the mornings again!:
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I have my hand-me-down clothes in the smaller sizes washed, folded and put away. I have a slew of stuffed animals and a plethora of hand-me-down and secondhand seats, walkers, slings, etc. (Found a pram for $12 at the thrift store!)

I do NOT have a freshly sealed crib (dh's project), a crib mattress, an infant tub, or appropriate crib bedding. I do not have a new car seat and I've decided I don't trust the hand-me-down one. I do not have the nursery closet cleaned out. I do not have an appropriate number of pets (working on adopting out two foster pups). I do not have paid maternity leave or sufficient iron in my bloodstream.

In other news, today is my last day of classes. I'm taking next quarter off from teaching, and probably the summer too (I might teach an online class). So that's all good.

I registered at Felicite but have no ideaif my friends and family will use the registry or not. It's mostly just stuff I WANT, not desperate needs, so I figure it's OK either way.
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Okay, here is a very weird question: the skin at the bottom of my bra is very irritated - it feels like the skin is rubbed raw. Its happening because I'm so short waisted that my belly sticks out from just below my bra all the way to my pubic bone - I'm all out in front. What can I do? I haven't been wearing underwires, just nice soft maternity bras or "the most comfortable panty in the world" bra from wal-mart (very comfy and only $5!). Its driving me crazy...but I have to wear a bra to work.

I had a midwife appt yesterday and it went great. She said that I seem to be right on track to have a 7.5-8 lb baby. We chatted for quite awhile, and again she encouraged me to stay at home to labor as long as I could. I ask her about the policy on internals and she said that they do one at 36 weeks to see if there's anything happening. She said that they usually do one every week after that, but that I can decline with no problem. (She said usually women ask for an internal every week at that point to get a feel for if they're going to go soon - but I have a really touchy cervix and cramp easily, so I already told her I'd be declining those, most likely.)

Its so nice, people keep telling me that I'm glowing and that I look great - even though I feel huge and bloated.
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QoC- How about a nice soft comfy sports bra? It might be a little bit more comfy. Also I don't know how big you are but you might be able to get away w/ a spandex tank top instead of a bra. A lot of places have them out right now in prep for summer and you can get them for under $10 usually.

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Well, got the news about our car today-mixed results. The things they can fix are a lot less expensive than we were expecting- about $400. BUT, they said there is something wrong with the transmission. We replaced it in Nov 2002, so our warrenty has just expired. Bummer. My mech doesn't do trannies, so I need to take it to the place that put it in and they sound like they'll work with us. Hopefully it won't cost that much. We still have $800 budgeted for it, but it sure would be nice to not have to spend it all on that. We would love to get my bro a kick-a@@ birthday present. We'll see how it goes, should be ready tomorrow and then it goes straight to the other garage. Hopefully we'll know something by tomorrow evening.

Rowan has been doing that pushing out thing. I forgot how weird that feels. Still head up, though I am only 26 wks. I am not that worried, but I do know that the longer they are breech, the less likely it is for them to turn. Honestly, I think all the talk we had here about breech has me paranoid.

Well, I am off to surf the TP-my new obsession. I swear, I am going to start buying stuff I don't even need soon...
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I might pull out a sports bra, but I think that all of mine are from pre-preg days and way too small now! The maternity bras I have are basically sports bras with snaps in the front...

I should look for a few tank tops, though! Great suggestion - that might work... as long as they don't have the "shelf bra" in them - because that's the area that's so irritated. (I'm a C cup now, but actually don't need a ton of support in a bra, I've been blessed with very firm cleavage! I just seem to have super-errect nipples all the time now, which makes wearing a bra to work neccessary.)
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It sounds kind of gross, but if your only problem is nipples, you may want to use those sticky bra things for a week or so to let your skin heal. Also, check how dry your skin is-mine is so dry right now that any slight rubbing against my clothes makes a sore spot. Also, if you got some tanks with the shelf and your breasts aren't of the saggy variety (like mine now ) you could cut the elastic off the shelf section and you'd still get 2 layers of fabric without the chafing.

I forgot to say that those of you still looking for inexpensive slings should definitely check out the TP. There are so many on there right now, in a variety of sizes and styles for really good prices. It is so hard for me to resist buying them but I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE SLINGS!! ( I have to keep telling myself that)

I gave my sister my crib quite a while ago. We never used it. Now that we have a new bed, I am wishing for a sidecar arrangement and wishing for the crib. If she hadn't taken it to Arkansas, I might have been able to get it back...
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Originally posted by mattjule
It sounds kind of gross, but if your only problem is nipples, you may want to use those sticky bra things for a week or so to let your skin heal. Also, check how dry your skin is-mine is so dry right now that any slight rubbing against my clothes makes a sore spot. Also, if you got some tanks with the shelf and your breasts aren't of the saggy variety (like mine now ) you could cut the elastic off the shelf section and you'd still get 2 layers of fabric without the chafing.
Brilliant! I have several of those in my closet now. They don't fit me now, I'm I doubt they'll fit me this summer so I'm just going to cut them up... You're so smart!

I moisturize reliously b/c I've always had dry skin. I have a whole routine that I go through automatically every time I get out of the shower/bath that involves slathering lotion on every inch of my body. DH was whining once about how dry his skin was and how I didn't understand, and I was like, "Have you noticed what I do every day when we get out of the shower?!"
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I'm getting pushed on a lot as well. Sometimes it hurts. I don't see how I can possibly stretch anymore, and people look surprised when I tell them no, I'm not due any day now, I have 9.5 more weeks!
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I feel you, Greaseball! I've now had 2 "are you sure its not twins?" comments this week! And my pastor looked horrified when I said I had 11 more weeks to go last weekend. I swear, I've had a growth spurt since then, too!

Queenie's big belly
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Queenie, that's a great photo! We've been so slack about taking photos with this pregnancy. My DH chased me around the house with a camera during my first pregnancy and has taken just ONE picture with this one. I also have the chafing in the bra area. My problem was that I was bigger around but not necessarily in the cup area. So the bras I had were cutting into me under my arms. I went up a size and am so much more comfy now. Though dry skin is still a MAJOR issue for me. My hands after all the painting and scraping and gardening are just raw.

I'm feeling pretty dang big too. Had a midwife appt today. The head is down though she said the baby can still flip if it decides too. She said that they usually don't because the head is so heavy it just kind of stays down.

Juie, I'm totally addicted to TP too. I check it like a zillion times a day while I'm working. I'm having such a hard time focusing on work these days.

Well, it's time for stories, teeth brushing and bed.
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What is TP?

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TP stands for the Trading Post here on MDC. It is basically a place we can go to sell things or buy things or trade things. It does have some simple rules, like you can't sell items on the TP you made to sell (does that make sense?). I've made some great trades and sales and buys there. They have a subforum that is just dipes now, too, in case you want to build a stash inexpensively.

I used to have a whole routine about moisturizing when I got out of the shower-I always used oil, not lotion b/c it lasted so much longer. Then ds came along and REALLY likes lotion/oil and it became too much of a battle to do it regularly, especially b/c I shower with him in there with me and most of the time dh is not around to run interference. Now I try to sneak it on the worst spots when I go to the bathroom or something. :

QoC-your belly is so pretty! I love it. Mine always gets big from breasts to pubic bone so it ends up kind of flat in the middle-I love the pregnant bellies that are so round, it's never a question that you are having a baby and not just fat (I don't really look fat anymore, but man, there are days...)

Well, talked to my sis about the likelihood of getting my crib back. Not good. That sucks. It makes me kind of angry, b/c she took it to Arkansas when she moved and then left it there when she moved to Alaska (long story, she has issues, never stays in one place longer than a year). She drove through my town and spent 2 weeks at my house on the way and didn't bring it with her. So now I am trying to figure out how much it would cost to ship it here and if it is more cost effective to get one used instead. But I really think she should pay, even though I know it won't happen. Thing is, it is a little hard to blame her b/c she knows I never used it and we co-sleep, but with the new bed coming and having box springs, Tain's toddler mattress on the floor is not going to cut it. I need to bring it more level with our bed...argh.
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Hey Jules, would it be cheaper to find a box spring for tain's mattress and either have it against the wall or get a rail? Seems you would get more use out of that than a new crib.

Queenie, love the pic! Fwiw, I don't think you look all that much bigger than I do and we're due the same day, though I am taller, so my belly is more spread out top to bottom and not so cute and round like yours is I keep wanting to take at least one belly pic before this baby arrives, but DH works late a lot and the few times I've asked him the timing didn't work.
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Do they make box springs for crib mattresses? I was assuming they didn't-i've never seen one (but I haven't really looked either). I was hoping to get a twin, so I wouldn't worry about him going off the end of it, but I think a king plus a twin, plus all our dressers is just not going to work in our one bedroom! My bro lives with us and I am hoping that he'll move out by the time Tain needs a twin bed. I'll be sad when he goes, but I must admit, there are days when I covetously look at his room...
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