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2yo nudist

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At the moment (well until the 24th of sept) we are living with my sister (and her family). Yes! it is crowded.
Well, dd2 has always like to be naked I assume-but just recently she can barely keep any clothes on. I am lucky to have her in panties. If this were just at my home I would probably just allow her to walk around naked. But it's not and my sister (besides having a husband whom I am sure it would embarass) has a 5 yo ds. Bottom line I do not want her walking around naked at my sisters.

Any suggestions on how to keep her in clothes-or atleast panties? By the way-she does know that when we go outside the house she has to have on clothes (and shoes).
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We always tell my 3yo "you have to have this on in case we go somewhere later." or "the weather is changing, it's getting colder, and we need to wear warmer clothes so we don't get sick."
He is less of a nudist at this point, but still looses it when the seasons change and we go from shorts to pants, or sandals to shoes.
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Get some new panties she really likes?

I wish it were more acceptable for children to be naked longer.
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Thanks!! i will see if it will work taking her to pick out her own panties. haha. It's cute seeing her little naked butt running around though. haha.
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We have one of those at our house too. We had to create a rule that panties were required at the dinner table. I've started focusing on trying to keep a shirt and panties on her since it's getting colder and the desire to be naked keeps getting stronger it would seem!
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