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Tell me about your good, problem free twin pregnancy.

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IF there is such a thing.
I want to know the stories of the pregnancy went well, no pre e, no GD, no TTTS, no bed rest at 30 weeks....just a normal(as normal can be) twin pregnancy....good stories!
I am 17 weeks. I feel GREAT. I have gained 30 pounds, but as of 3 weeks ago my weight gain is slowing to 1-2 pounds a week. I am all baby bump. I have low blood pressure as of now. No swelling. Minor round ligament pain. Lots of energy. I feel pretty dang good. Is this normal? LOL
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yes! i just posted on ff asking for positive, happy, parenting twins stories too!

seems like you get a lot of doom and gloom when it comes to multiples...not saying it isnt harder/more work...but it should would be nice to hear some positivity so that i dont explode in a fireball of anxiety before giving birth...lol.
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I've had three friends with very easy pregnancies. One opted for a planned C-section. She chose not to nurse at all.

The other parent had her twins at home with her mom as doula (lot of homebirth experience) there. She was able to nurse them both without supplementation.

The third friend is now pregnant with her SECOND SET of twins and the pregnancy is going well. She had a safe, natural hospital birth with her first singelton and her twins. She had pretty serious ppd issues with all three births but was able to nurse them all. The twin ppd was not worse than the first. The assume it will happen again and so are planning for it. Yeah!
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Yup here, totally issue free twin pregnancy. Worst issue was a GD scare at 29 weeks. But the one-hour GTT is notoriously inaccurate. I passed the 3-hr OGTT perfectly.

End result - semi-spontaneous labor (castor oil) at 39 weeks, home birth, perfect babes, long BFing relationship.

It does happen!

My favorite treasure trove of positive stories (besides here) is at a now defunct twin blog:


Check it out!

And good luck for continued smooth sailing!
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Another positive twin pregnancy - it was so good I didn't even know it was twins!

Seriously, the last month was pretty tough, but up until that point I had SO much energy! The house was CLEAN (big shocker for me) for months! I did start having loads of BH contractions, which I told myself was a sign to slow down, but really things were great.

Babies were born at 41 weeks at home - 1 vertex, one footling breech - both over 7lb. Best birth I ever had.
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i had a pretty great pregnancy. i had more nausea in the beginning than with my others, but it wasn't horrible. i gained 50 pounds, most in the beginning and tapered off as I got larger. no complications or bedrest, although I was tired like crazy mostly in the 1st and 3rd trimesters. things were uneventful, which is how i like it! that being said, everything was WAY more amplified than with my singletons. glad to hear you are feeling well. that is something to really be thankful for!!
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We are at 36 weeks and four days with fraternal twins. So far, i have had the perfect pregnancy with no complications- no bed rest, no Gd, no preclamsia. The only issue is just getting bigger and dealing with my big body.

It is possible so best of luck.
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I had a really uneventful pregnancy until week 37. A lot of nausea in the beginning, but tappered off towards 16 weeks. Felt a bit schleppy at the end, but that is to be expected. The boys were both transverse with no signs of rolling over, so I had a c-section. My singleton pregnancy was acutally harder on my body just becaue of her position than my twin pregnancy was.

It can be done.
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I had a great twin pregnancy. No problems, no complications and they were born safely at home at 40 weeks 1 day. Of course, that doesn't mean it was an easy pregnancy! I had horrible pubic symphisis pain, which was more painful than labor, I couldn't go shopping without being worn out for the next 2 days, I cried at night when I had to get up to pee 4 times because it hurt so bad to get out bed, etc. Very hard at the end, but no medical problems. I was never on bed-rest, but I listened to my body, which meant I spent much of my time on the couch. We went to the movies the day I went into labor, so I was out and about the whole time, but it became very difficult. Anyway, there are plenty of mamas here who went full-term and had no complications.
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Fraternal twins here . . . gave birth at 38 weeks to two boys weighing 7lb3oz and 7lb11oz. It was a VBAC

No issue with blood sugar, blood pressure, fetal development, etc. We were out of the hospital after 48 hours, both are exclusively breastfed with not a single bottle yet at 4 months. Pregnancy was hard (read: heavy ) but no worries or complications at all.

Now if I could shed some of the weight I'd be thrilled .
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Great pregnancy here. No medical issues, I worked, did yoga, worked out, swam, and looked after my other kids no problem. I was so happy to be carrying twins! At night we'd lay on the bed and watch them start their nightly kickboxing routine. I went to 39 1/2 wks. Babies were 6lbs. 7 ozs. and 5lbs. 0ozs.
The night before they were born we went to our friend's 40th b-day party. Everyone was there, we named the babes that night with the help of some dear old friends, woke up the next day and had a couple babies
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I had a great pregnancy, too! Went to one day shy of 41 weeks and had a spectacular homebirth. Two healthy girls, one 8lbs 6oz, one 7lbs 6 oz.

No bedrest. No high blood pressure. I ran after my other kids the whole time, too. My mother thought I was nuts to pick up a three year old when I was so big and pregnant, but if I felt like doing something I was going to do it. I have vivid memories of steam cleaning all my carpets at 38 weeks.

Good luck, mama! You can do this!
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AWESOME stories, thank you all so much!!!!!! I am sure not just me but other pregnant twin mamas are so grateful for your positive stories!!
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Well -- I'm 36 weeks (on Monday) PG with twins. It has been pretty uneventful. I would say that a twin pregnancy is NOT the same as a singleton. That doesnt mean it is going to have complications -- but I think it is important to acknowledge that you are carrying two babies. With my daughter I was still RUNNING as in jogging at 41 weeks pregnant... with the twins - no way!!

The only issues I have had is a slight increase in BP. We are watching it. No pre-e. Im not on bedrest and never have been. I did stop working at 34 weeks but it has been good to have some time at home with my daughter before they arrive. Ive had no labor scares...

I have had swelling the last few weeks but what do you expect with 12 lbs of baby in your belly?

My advice is to stay positive but also listen to your own body. It is very important to come in tune with it and your babies so you know what you will need.
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I had a complication-free pregnancy and felt pretty darn good the whole time. It was clear that my body was working really hard though - I got sick twice with a flu and a sinus infection that I think normally would have not bothered me much. I ran after a two-year old, worked part-time and kept up with my life. I ate a lot - mmmm ice cream! and rested as much as possible. Towards the end I needed a lot of support; my mom came the last two weeks to help; and emotionally I was pretty spent; I visited this site ALOT to know I wasn't alone. Our babies were born at 39 weeks and I had a beautiful, easy birth. My girls were 6.10 and 6.15; they stayed with me the whole time in the hospital; nursed right away (they are still going strong) and are truly a joy to behold. Now- they never sleep through the night, sometimes everybody cries and I rarely have a moment to myself; but life is good. Wouldn't change it for anything.
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Wellllllllllllll, mine did have TTTS, but I never had any interventions because of it, and overall the pregnancy was fine.

No problems with gd, pre-e, ptl, swelling, etc. I ate tons and drank a lot of water -- and like others said, I listened to my body. It told me mostly to rest, so I did (first pregnancy, no older kids to take care of, it was great!) I had a lot of support online and irl, and my Ob had seen a lot of twins (and twins with TTTS) so I felt comfortable with him.

I had a vaginal hospital birth, with a second twin who was a foot-first breech, and everybody was fine.
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Another good one!
I was just telling a friend the other day that everytime I say I had the luckiest, healthiest twin pregnancy I feel like I am jinxing something, until I realized that it happened and nothing can change that!

I was walking to and from the train and working up until 34 weeks and had two healthy boys at 38 weeks weighing 7.9 and 7.15. AND i scrubbed my tub the night before they were born.

BEST to you and your family!
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I had a great pregnancy, too. I did have pre-eclampsia at the very end, but everything else was good... even considering the groin pain and carpal tunnel. I gained 55lbs on a 5'4" frame and was all belly.

My boys were born via c-section (two transverse babies, one flipped at 39.5 weeks) on their due date, weighing 7lbs12oz and 7lbs10oz. I didn't plan to have a c-section, but with the pre-e, first time mother and bad positions, it was our best option.

We've been nursing for 9 months with no formula supplements. And even though nursing was tough for the first three months (mastitis and thrush), it's SO much easier to nurse them than to deal with bottles and formula.
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I had a very easy twin pregnancy that ended in a vaginal birth at almost 38 weeks. I didn't have any morning sickness, nausea, food aversions, etc. I had two PTL episodes but really that was just a tiny speed bump. I had tons of energy, pretty even moods, etc. I worked full time until 32 weeks then went on maternity leave at 36 weeks.
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