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Thank you! So nice to hear these stories! How did the weight gain go for everyone? I am 13 weeks, only gained 8lbs and I am snacking more and eating when my body tells me. I quit exercising per dr.s orders (history of preterm labor) and am nervous about weight gain I was hoping I would gain more weight by now. When does it happen?
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I had a relatively easy pregnancy. Just horrible heartburn like I do with my singleton pregnancies, though it started earlier. I aimed for 24 pounds by 24 weeks (got 23 by then) and aimed for 50 pounds and made it to 48 pounds. Tons of protein, water, rest. Followed my body's cues for when to take it easier, like when I knew I was having contractions while shopping (around 32 weeks) so stopped doing long shopping trips. Mine were born at 37 wk 5days.
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I am on my 2nd di/di, completely uneventful twin pregnancy. We never even suspected 2 in there and at the 21 wk u/s were quite shocked. I carried our 1st set all 40 wks and delivered naturally with A vertex and B breech. Weights were 6'4 and 7'2. With this current pregnancy both babies are vertex and have been since about 26 wks....which has been shocking to me that these 2 little guys have stayed in one position after having dealt with B fliipping continually the entire pregnancy...up until the day he was delivered...with our 1st set.

With our 1st set I gained exactly 40 lbs and topped out in fundal height at 42 cm. The weight came off within only a few weeks. I"m hanging right around the 40 lb weight gain mark with this pregnancy as well but am measuring 43 cm in fundal height at only 35 wks, so I'm already bigger with this pregnancy. Should be interesting! With no signs of anything happening I figure I'll carry these 2 to around 38-40 too.

I remember being so depressed by everyone's doom and gloom pregnancies that I read about on other boards. I didn't know it was possible to have a normal twin pregnancy. I finally just had to get off all the boards. The only problem I ever encountered was finding a dr that was open to delivering a breech twin....and it became a HUGE problem. But the pregnancy itself was amazing. This twin pregnancy has been amazing too and we are planning on homebirthing these babies.
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I don't remember my weights But my twin pregnancy wasn't bad at all. I had more morning sickness than I'd had with my singletons and more heartburn (better if I had fewer starchy foods and more protein). I was huge and uncomfortable at the end, but all went well. I made it to 39 weeks and had two healthy girls at home, 6 lbs. 10 oz. and 6 lbs. 12 oz.
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i was watching twin birth videos the other night and came across this photo montage. not all of the stories are problem-free but i thought they were all inspiring!

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Originally Posted by butterflies View Post
i was watching twin birth videos the other night and came across this photo montage. not all of the stories are problem-free but i thought they were all inspiring!


I watched this DAILY at the very end of my pregnancy. It really helped me remember that I could do this and to calm any negative thoughts I was having. LOVE IT.
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Originally Posted by JudiAU View Post
I've had three friends with very easy pregnancies. One opted for a planned C-section. She chose not to nurse at all.

The other parent had her twins at home with her mom as doula (lot of homebirth experience) there. She was able to nurse them both without supplementation.

The third friend is now pregnant with her SECOND SET of twins and the pregnancy is going well. She had a safe, natural hospital birth with her first singelton and her twins. She had pretty serious ppd issues with all three births but was able to nurse them all. The twin ppd was not worse than the first. The assume it will happen again and so are planning for it. Yeah!
I also have two sets of twins. I would have her look into placenta encapsulation. It did WONDERS for my ppd, which was so severe after my second set of twins that I had a suicide plan at two weeks postpartum. My last two births I used the capsules and had zero ppd.
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Both sets were full term and my pregnancies were completely uneventful. I had great blood pressure, little to no morning sickness, no bed rest (and even went shopping and to dinner and a movie the day before I had my first set. I was shopping at Wal Mart in labor with my second set), and felt great, albeit large and uncomfortable, the whole time. I delivered at 38 weeks 3 days (weights 7# 12 oz. and 6# 9 oz.) and 39 weeks 1 day (weights 6# 10 oz. and 6# 15 oz.).

You can have an amazing pregnancy and birth. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.
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I had a great pregnancy. I was, of course, uncomfortable in the last months. I went 41 weeks, gained 90 lbs, and had big, healthy babies (8lbs 1oz and 6lbs 5oz). Baby B was even breech, and all worked out okay.

The most difficult part of the whole thing was working with medical professionals. I did tons of research and opted for a homebirth. My first doctor informed me that they deliver twins via c-section not later than 37 weeks. They also wanted me on a low carb diet since I was gaining weight so fast in the first trimester. I was pretty sure that that could not be right, so I got on MDC and sought advice. I did HB with an excellent midwife. I also did parallel care with another set of doctors. They were positive and supportive of natural birth, but they started to make me nervous at the end. Once I made it to 36 weeks, I was confident that the babies would be healthy anytime, so I stopped going to those doctors, too.

I focused on eating lots of healthy snacks. I also focused on relaxing alot. My blood pressure started to rise. I bought a blood pressure monitor and would check it once in a while. If it was elevated, I could usually focus on relaxing on the couch and get it to drop. (This worked for me since I have no other children who were in need of attention at the time.) Also important was keeping up my confidence in myself and my birth plan. DH was excellent at helping me with this (my mother was not so excellent at this, but she came around! And I was so happy to have her there at the birth).
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Another problem-free twin pregnancy here! No complications, bed rest, or the like. Just one BIG, tired, uncomfortable mama. Babies were born at 36+1, after Twin A's water broke. Uncomplicated vaginal delivery.
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I'm only 28.5 weeks, but so far, I can't complain too much!

Had some terrible fatigue and morning sickness for the second and third month, but by week 16-17, I had it kicked. I personally think I just wasn't eating enough, because when I could eat, I felt good! (Also was having some ketones in my urine...that is no longer a problem, as I like food again!) Also had crazy food aversion too, nothing ever sounded good, and leafy greens made me gag. Haha.

As a result, I didn't start gaining any weight until I was 16 weeks (in fact, I lost 10 pounds in the second month). From there, I have gained a healthy 30 pounds.

Once I kicked the morning sickness and fatigue, I felt awesome, I hardly even felt pregnant, and I didn't even have a visible bump until week 18. I wasn't the least bit uncomfortable until maybe two weeks ago, and now my uterus and babies are crowding me. Just a bit of trouble getting comfortable on a couch or in bed, though. Also very uncomfortable to bend over, haha.

As far as complications? Zero. I think my blood pressure randomly goes up sometimes, but I just sit or lay down until it goes away completely. (I took a 35 minute break at work today, oops. )

Doc wanted me to go on leave at 28 weeks, but I told him I felt pretty good still, so I just cut down my hours to 20-24 a week (as well as shorter shifts), and I'm planning on going on leave at 32 weeks. My coworkers keep telling me, Oh, you're going to be on bed rest I bet! And crap like that. I just give them an annoyed look and say, "Umm...no."
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I'm sitting here at 39 weeks pregnant wondering when labor will start? How's that for problem free?

I did go out of work at 34 weeks b/c my BP was starting to rise. That seemed to do the trick. I was stubborn and hadnt cut back hours yet and probably should have.

My complaints are being huge, having ginormous swollen feet, getting up to pee multiple times a night, and stretch marks that exploded at 38 weeks.

I am still able to drive, take care of my daughter, attempt house work, go shopping, errands, etc.

It's been harder than with a singleton and I have had a lot more monitoring than I would have liked - but its overall been low key.
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I had a wonderful pregnancy considering. I was not on bedrest although I didn't get around real quick the last several weeks. I did have issues with shortness of breath but a good sturdy back brace took care of that. No high BP, GD, pre-e, nothing. A problem free pregnancy really.

I delivered my twins at 36 weeks at home. Even the delivery went wonderful. The best out of all 6 pregnancies.

I gained 39 pounds total and lost 25 of it the day they were born.
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I had a teriffic, easy twin pregnancy. No morning sickness, not tired, teary or emotional. I was induced at 38 weeks because of my dd who has a heart condition, not because of any health issues. I did have a bit of elevated blood pressure toward the end, and some swelling, but nothing that particularly bothered the doctors. I did end up with a c-sec because baby a's cord prolapsed, and baby b's placenta partially abrupted, otherwise, nobody would have had a problem with a vaginal delivery. I felt good, had a lot of energy until about the last two weeks, but still managed to do quite a bit. I worked on the day that I was induced (I work FTOH) and never had any bed rest.

I totally love being pregnant, and was truly blessed to have an easy pregnancy. I feel for all those who do not, for whatever reason, and I know that I am really really lucky. Good luck to you, hopefully you can have a great, easy pregnancy too!
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yes, mine went realy well. I had horrendous swelling for the last month that last until they were 3 wks old, but other than that no problems to speak of. L&D went awesome too (1.5 hours, no drugs, no interventions at all).
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Other than being ginormously huge, I had no issues or problems-took my dd to the mall the day before they were born, and scared a whole lot of people!!!! Mine came at 38 and 1/2 weeks, and were 7 lbs 12 oz. and 6 lbs 3 oz.
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