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The Workouts Involving the Kids Thread

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If any of you are super-busy mama's with little wiggle room in the calender like I am, you'll be happy to know you CAN workout! I know I'm not the only one out there doing this, so if you 'workout' using your kids pitch in some ideas!
Here's what I do on a regular basis:

Flying Kids (low)- Lay on your back, bring your knees up toward your chest. lay child on your legs belly to shin. Pump your legs out and in so the kid can "fly" forward and backward. Great for the abs!

Flying Kids (high)-Only for kids who can stay still, lol, and seriously be careful. put your feet on the child's chest and abdomen and straiten your legs so the child goes up and then bend to bring them back down. HOLD THEIR HANDS

Baby Lifts- Lift baby to the sky with your arms... over and over. They love it, your arms will hate it, but it will get rid of that flap under your arm.

Race!- Race your running child anytime you have the chance. Let them win occasionally though

DITCH THE STROLLER!- Go to the park, go to the mall, go anywhere and walk. If you have more than one kid, carry one and chase the other(s). Yes, it is tiring (because it's more work), yes it is frustrating when they run off, but they need the exercise too! And you'll be amazed at how well they stay with you after the first few times.

Dance Party Everyday- Take 30 minutes or so and dance your booty off to "Old MacDonald" or whatever your kids like. They'll love it and it can be just as effective as aerobics but you don't have to leave the kids.

Clean up Clean up and Clean up- Clean up the toys, again and again and again. You'll be instilling tidy habits in the kids and working those muscles.

If I think of more I'll reply to the thread. Anyone else have great ideas that involve the kids and Do NOT require gyms, trainers, equipment or videos?
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Great suggestions! The dance party sounds particularly fun! I've gotta add that one in to my routine. Thanks for starting this thread!
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For some reason, my DS does not like me working out (fitness) too much when he is around. So, I opt fo yoga when I need to move and he's around. I get a yoga magazine with lots of pictures of poses. Then I suggest, shall I show you? Am I doing it right? So he gets to be involved. Often, he'll show me how to do the poses (which is really endearing). This way I can work through an entire yoga sequence.
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I do squats and lunges with a toddler on my shoulders (or a younger one in a front carry).
Bicep curls holding onto DD's hands, so I'm lifting her up with each curl.
Chest presses using her as my weight (I can't do very many, but hey! It's something.).
She loves to "push" me around the house in her little camp chair- I use my legs to make it actually move, and it's a screaming workout for the hamstrings.

I'll post more if I think of them!

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