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Suggestions on Hormonal Birth Control

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I never thought I would be posting something like this, but due to some personal issues, I feel the need to possibly start back on some type of hormonal birth control for a few months. I was on it for about 6 years before starting FAM. I havent been on it now since like 2004 or 2005. I know there are many other options available now and many more different types of pills, patches, etc. I have done some research online. But, would like to hear some personal experiences from you ladies! Whether you just stopped recently, are still on birth control, or used to be on one that worked for you, can you please share. I was thinking Lo Estrin FE 24, I think thats the name. I really hated hormonal birth control and how I felt on it, but I am hoping that just maybe I can find something [temporarily] that would work and not make me crazy...lol

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I used a low dose pill before I got my Mirena. Problems with the BC pill seem to run in my family, so it took a while to find a good fit for me. I ended up with Apri and did a 3 months on, 1 week off schedule instead of 3 weeks on, 1 off. The only obvious side effect for me was about 5lbs of weight gain that disappeared quickly after I came off of it.
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If I were to do hormonal BC again, I would very strongly consider the NuvaRing. 3-4 weeks in, one week out for a bleed. Or you could remove the old and insert the new, skipping the bleed. Also, the dosing is lower than most BC pills because the medication is absorbed constantly into the blood stream rather than having the ups and downs of taking a pill each day.
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i would do the NuvaRing i started this about 2 months ago and have had no problems at all. and i am the worst on hormonal BC i get cranky bitchy, sore breasts ect...
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I just wanted to note that I am super sensitive to hormonal birth control and I had much better luck on low dose pills than the nova ring. The ring made everything down there hurt for me, my vaginal walls felt irritated the entire time it was in there and I did not even want to dtd. Sorry if that was tmi. Just a head's up?
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I highly recommend the Nuva Ring. I was on bc pills and the patch and no matter what brand I tried it made me lose my drive, feel really anxious and even a tad depressed.

Switched to the Nuva Ring and it was amazing! Never felt it, and my drive came back big time. Also no depression or anxiety. It is most likely the method I will use after this baby is born and until we decide if we are having another or if dh is getting the big V.
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