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middle of the night insomnia

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Anyone else having some middle of the night insomnia? I keep waking up at 4:30 or so and then am awake. I usually do have to pee, but that's all. When I lay back down, I'm awake. I end up reading for awhile, but have read for as long as an hour before I fall asleep, or today, woke up at 3:30 and didn't really fall back asleep until 6 ish, (alarm goes off at 6:30).

Any ideas? I have no problem falling asleep, just staying asleep and I'm pretty much a regular to bed/regular to rise woman. I don't have much on my mind right now either.
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I've been doing the same thing for a couple of weeks. An hour one night, two hours another...

Dh sleeps through anything, so I usually flip the tv on until I drift back. I don't have an alarm to compete with though.
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me 2!! I have no problem falling asleep. But after my second or third time to pee, I am awake until 5 or 6 in the morning, then I can snooze a little until the alarm goes off at 6:40...
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Yup. I'l wake up to use the bathroom, realize that I'm also hungry and take a snack, and make a to-do list for the following day at work (where I'm usually too tired to complete the aforementioned list). Good times.
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I just got the "peaceful sleep now for all" from hypnobabies. Have not tried it yet, but will try to remember to let you know if it works! Feel free to ask me in a week if I forget. But it is supposed to help you fall asleep and fall back to sleep quickly. I heard other women rave about it.
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This happened to me last night. It was horrible. I just lay there for hours snuggling DH, snuggling DS, lying on my back, lying on my side, visualisations, counting.... eventually I nodded off again. This has happened a coupld of time and it is really irritating. Now I can hardly keep my eyes open
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Mostly my issue is falling asleep. I hate making myself super tired, but that seemed to work yesterday...forced myself to forgo my much wanted nap, and slept the best I have in over a week. But the night before, I had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep, so I'm not sure how healthy that is, purposefully depriving my body of sleep so that I sleep better at night. A change of scenery usually eventually helps me. Like, the other night, tossed and turned for hours, realized I was really hungry. So I got up for a snack, and sat in the living room to eat it, then just kind of sat there for probably another 5 or 10 minutes, then went back to bed. It's like if I just give into that restless feeling, it helps? Or something. It is crazy annoying though!
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Me too. 3AM to 4:30AM or so last night. I know when I was pregnant with my son I had to forgo all caffeine in late pregnancy because it would keep me up at night regardless of when I drank it. I hope that's not happening again - I like my morning cup of coffee.
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I have problems falling asleep too. I do usually stay asleep through the night. So far, my book light has been my best friend. I read or do puzzles until I am tired enough to fall asleep.
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Oh ME!!!
I tend to crash as soon as the boys are both asleep. And then wake up 2 hours later to be awake until 5 or 6 am. Then the boys are up at 7.
I am so dragging it isn't even funny.

I hate this insomnia!!!!!
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It's a really annoying form of insomnia and I'm sorry you all are dealing with it too! I go to sleep around 11 or 12 and then I'm up at 4 or so for HOURS. My daughter wakes up around 9 and often I've just gotten back to sleep. Waaaaah!

My midwives okayed melatonin or Benadryl for this problem. The Benadryl makes me fuzzy in the morning but the melatonin, used sparingly, seems to help.
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I'm there with you.
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It has happened a few times and is the worst!! I took a sleepy tincture (not to worry herbs that are safe with pregnancy) and slept for 5 hours straight! It was awesome! haven't had to use it since but it sits on my nightstand now.
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Totally! I cosleep with my 4 year old. We nurse to sleep and I sleep well till about 3:30 when I have to pee. I get up to pee, lay down and toss and turn till I get hungry an hour later. I get up and eat something, brush my teeth around 5:30 and get back in bed. I mostly lie there tossing until just before my son wakes up at 7 or a bit before to nurse and get up again. I am just thankful that my body seems to do OK on very little sleep. I guess it is the 9 years I spent in the Army, LOL!
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me! and I hate it. It has been going on for months now.
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