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20/20 Special on GERMS!!!

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OMG did anyone else see this? They showed this guy going into a house that was for all eyes super clean. It was filled with germs, they only got a C rating

Apparently dust mites are rampant. The pillow you sleep on if it is 5 plus years can be 10% mite dust! :Puke

Thank God we have plastic sheets on the beds to help with that, and he said changing the sheets weekly helps, which I do

Then if your vaccumm does not have strong enough sucktion, which I KNOW mine doesn't, then you carpet is filled with skin and hair particles :Puke

He also said that if you leave the lid of your toilet open when you are flushing that fecal particles can be spread to your toothbrushes and such!!!
I am now working on having the boys close the damn lid!!!:Puke

Finally he said that by washing your undies with your towels you are spreding fecal matter. double :Puke
Now I seperate my towlels and undies/socks and I also use ALOT of bleach, which he said was very good. My question is what about my dark undies that I don't bleach. :Puke I KNEW I should have stuck to white undies and not branched out! From now on I am doing any dark undies in hot water seperate.

So what do you all think of THAT :Puke
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That is why I like to avoid those shows. I don't think we can ever be 100% germ-free so I just do my best to keep my house and family clean and try not to think about it.

I had heard all that before, though, actually.
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I agree w/Melanie. We'll never be germ free, we're always shedding skin, etc., so I figure do the best I can and whatever germs are left will help build immunity.
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I think that we build up a resistance to our daily germ exposure. Living in a sterile environment would make our immune systems weaker essentially, because they'd not be 'getting exercise'.
JMO, of course. But I use cloth diapers, so I guess I don't get grossed out my our germs easily
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I think Gr8fldad's boss must have caught that one. This morning he was ranting about how he had told him to get the toothbrushes out of the bathroom because poop particles get on them. :Puke
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What do I think about it? Honestly?

I think that I live just fine and in the five years my kids been alive, we've been ok being a normal family doing normal family kind of cleaning things. Those germs were there before we knew about them and I'm not dead and neither is my kid. Every now and then a show does a special like that and it can be interesting but it always makes me wonder if Lysol stock has gone down so they buy airtime on 20/20 or nightline to make people freak out and buy their prodcuct again.............
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I wash my undies separately from everything else. And I put them through an extra rinse! But don't bleach your undies, seriously. The residual bleach can affect the delicate balance of bacteria in your vaginal area, and it will be much easier for you to get a yeast infection.
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I try not to be extra compulsive about germs but at the same time, we do try to do things like keep the bedding changed and the toilet seat down. I had not heard that about the pillows -- makes a lot of sense. It's a good reason to go out and get some decent new pillows. We got a Kirby vaccuum off of ebay, so we've got good suction power here. My mom recommends using it to vacuum walls and other crevices because the dust in our part of California is really bad.
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I saw a show on Oprah once like this, but it was directed at hotel rooms. I still stay in hotels, but I never lay on the bedspread - that thing comes off the bed immediately when I get there, because a lot of hotels don't wash them much.

And if I happen to have a handy wipe with me, I wipe down the phone receiver, remote control, and doorknobs.

But at home, well, I'm just not too worried. There's no way I can close the lid when we flush the toilet, because ds is obsessed with watching everything go swirling down. Plus, our toothbrushes are pretty far away from the toilet, and I'm sure they get germed up just from us touching them anyway.

And if this guy has a problem with washing underwear with towels, imagine his horror at washing cloth diapers!

As a side note, we do have dust mite barriers on all our pillows and mattresses because I am allergic and sleep better like that. And we have hardwood floors, which also helps.
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If these germs were a threat, then my family would be sickall of the time, which we're not, so I just don't even worry about it!
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We live with germs everyday of our lives. Germs are not EVIL There are plenty of "germs" that are helpful to us. It's about finding a balance in life. No need to be compulsive about it. What can dust mites really do anyway? They make me sneeze and have a runny nose and itchy watery eyes. So I dust, change my bedding, and vacuum often. If you have asthema they may really be a problem and that just means getting creative to keep the dust mites at bay.

As for fecal matter. I have never heard of anyone dying from fecal matter on towels or tooth brushes. Have you? Don't get me wrong! I don't think that it's healthy to be unclean and have poop all over the place but that's not what we are talking about. There is absolutly no reason to anti-bacterial the whole house to ward off deadly poop.

Bottom line- Those shows are designed to scare you. Don't watch them.
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i don't watch tv so i didn't see it, but i also don't believe most of it. i mean, if you don't have allergies are dust mites actually harmful? that is my question:
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Oh yeah, bleach is a great plan...: Around here it really isn't, and I would be more worried about the carcinogenic effects of bleach than a little poo on my towels. Not to mention the rash I would get by even allowing bleach to come into contact with my skin by putting it on my delicates.
Germs are everywhere. It is as simple as that. Unless you are willing to live in a plastic bubble, you will have to deal with dustmites, bacteria, viruses and other nasties on a daily basis.
Do you eat out? They have found fecal matter on individual creamos in restaurants, probably because people don't always wash their hands after using the bathroom.
Those dust mites that squicked you out are in your couch, your matress, curtains, everywhere.
Do you use your sleeve every time you open a public door? do you know what kind of grossness there is on that door handle?
As a chemically sensitive person, I would not even be able to go into this "expert"'s house. The things he recommended are toxic chemicals which will compromise the air quality in your home.

A side note: If you are immuno-compromised, then you will need to disinfect your home a lot more. But, if you are immuno-compromised, you know this already.
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The thing is (about the poo), that within a family, your intestines are usually all colonized by the same intestinal flora. So even if you did get poo vapour : on your toothbrushes or towels and accidentally ingested it, you wouldn't necessarily get sick because it is "familiar" flora.

Also, re: washing towels and undies together. I wipe my butt on my towel after showering, so I'm assuming that butt bacteria already get on the towel, after all, I'm not sterilizing my butt with bleach in the shower!

I hate those shows, they are so alarmist, like the stupid commercial that counts all the germs all over the neighbourhood, so there's like 10000000000000000 of them, and then the Lysol wipe or whatever wipes them all clean.
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Originally posted by water
I wipe my butt on my towel after showering, so I'm assuming that butt bacteria already get on the towel, after all, I'm not sterilizing my butt with bleach in the shower!

I'm not germ phobic.

Like someone else said, can you imagine the fit that man would throw about washing cloth diapers???
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I have 4 children a dog and a turtle. The room where my I have my business is always the cleanest but I honestly don't have the time or energy to worry about dust mites. I CD and wash them myself so I think you could probably find fecal matter on all of our clothes It's gross but I believe our bodies are built to deal with this stuff.

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I'm sorry, but who cares if some dust mites, old skin, fecal matter, etc....get on us or on our toothbrushes?! It really will not hurt you. Our immune systems are strong enough to deal with these "threats." It really is no big deal. Those shows just scare people into buying more products to make their perfectly normal homes unecessarily antiseptic, and often more toxic from the chemicals in the new products. I am probably biased in the other perspective. I have no fear if my dog licks me, or my baby. I am not a meticulous housekeeper, and don't care. I have rugs, cats, dogs, old pillows, etc....but the house is reasonably clean and doesn't smell. The germs in your own house won't hurt you. I would worry much more about toxic cleaning products. (not saying the OP was advocating them, but that's what I think these shows are really about).
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I too am not germ phobic I also feel that dust mite allergies are rare, like "real" lactose intolerance. But according to the media, these thing are horrid.

I suck at cleaning, wish I didn't, but I do. I do not bathe my kids daily, etc. My friends who live on lysol and scrub daily always have issues, those cleansers can be a danger too. Balance I say.

And let your kids play in the dirt and mud!

BTW-some years ago one of these showshad a special on how to many parents are over cleaning andthe "Doctors" are now prescribibg "bacteria" pills...WTF?!?!
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Well, I am not going to get in a dither over any of it, but after battling thrush for two years, I am going to try to avoid getting exposed to a bunch of mold or bad bacteria because I can't keep up with laundry or keep the toilet lid down.
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I have to admit.......Im semi germ phobic. I too dont sleep on bedspreads in hotel rooms..(( saw that one too)

BUT........Im even more aware of the toxity of bleach and what it does to our environment! PLUS, what it does to our clothes! Why dont they talk about that?!?!?

He also suggested soaking sponges in bleach, esp when cutting animal products.

Since Ive been using vinegar.....Ive also noticed that we arent as sick as often. I also use a spray rinse in the bathroom with vinegar and tea tree. A much healthier alternative than bleach!
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