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Originally Posted by candycat View Post
Uhm yeah they got HUGE. I'm big boned but not heavy, does that make sense? Like my bone structure is very curvy to start out with but I don't have a lot on me. I always say I look like a flatfish - look at me from the front and I look like I'm a pretty big girl. Look at me from the side and I look like a pretty skinny girl. It's odd for sure. My hips were ridiculously out of proportion to the rest of my body (and ironic - I had teensy babies! 5 and 6 lbs - but super easy births).

Now 2.5 years on they've shrunk SOME but not all the way. I'd say they're about halfway between where they were pre-kids and at their widest. My breasts on the other hand have gone back to normal, minus a teensy bit of perkiness.
LOL, I think I'm a flatfish, too!
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I've had three kids, and everything is the same size except my stomach (though it took about six months after weaning for my breasts to go back to their original size).
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Just while pregnant. Now ds is 4 and my hips are normal maybe even a half inch smaller than when I had him. They are usually 39 to 40 inches. I am tall and very pear shaped so maybe my bone structure is good for birthing as it is and my hips didn't need to permanently expand I guess. My breasts went back to normal after breastfeeding, still small. My butt is still large I think my stomache is the only area that didn't go completely back to normal.
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My hips are definately wider. Its not my butt, its only the hips. My pre-pregnancy jeans are way too narrow across the front. My rib-cage expanded during pregnancy significantly but went back down after the birth.
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My hips are noticeably wider.
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My hips didn't get any wider despite delivering a nine pound baby, and I so wish they did. I have always hated my big boobs, apple shaped body (I'm not overweight, but have always had a poochy belly), and complete lack of hips and butt. So I was all excited when I heard several women say that post-pregnancy they ended up with smaller breasts and bigger hips. Aaaand... in the end, my hips are just as nonexistent as ever, and my boobs and belly went from big to HOLY COW. (still BFing right now, though, so I guess there's still some hope for the breasts to shrink eventually...)
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my hips are not wider. I had a c/s with out the baby ever engaging, so that could be a contributing factor. I'm about 40ish lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight though, so even if the bones did shift there is a lot less padding there. I have friends who had a vaginal birth that feel like their hips didn't expand and friends who had a c/s who feel like theirs did. so it just depends.
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I don't think mine got any bigger...I didn't measure or anything, but I am back in pre-pregnancy jeans (just recently, maybe 15 months pp).

I wish mine had gotten bigger though! I've always had a wide waist compared to my hips (huge ribcage). I was hoping my hips would get bigger so my waist would look more proportionate.
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a few weeks post pregnancy, I was back to my pre pregnancy weight. However my pre pregnancy jeans wouldn't even kind of zip up.
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I didn't measure, but I do feel my hips are bigger, and I doubt they'll go back to their original size, even though I weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy. I thought my clothes wouldn't fit anymore, but was surprised and relieved when I tried my jeans a week postpartum and had no trouble zipping them up.
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Originally Posted by CrazyCatLady View Post
Me too! I totally lost my butt during my third pregnancy and it has yet to return. I am a personal trainer though...I suppose I could exercise it and see what happens (but I haven't yet).
and me too!!! i don't know WHERE it went, it used to be quite [ahem] full. now flat as a pancake.. my hips seem the same, though.
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Jealous. My butt is definitely bigger than ever. Except, it's kind of also south of where it used to be. I can fit into pre-preg jeans perfectly. But when the jeans come off... the butt somehow... migrates further down... so it's a bit awkward. Fills out the jeans though.
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I've only had one baby but everything went back to what it had been pre-baby (hips, butt, thighs, belly). Verdict is still out on the boobs though... still breastfeeding.
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I don't really know......everything seems the same to me.
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