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Gummy vitamins for toddlers (2+)

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Hi everyone,

I currently found a great multivitamin for my son with D3 and all other good kinds of vitamins in there, but to be honest, it's liquid and isn't very appetizing. I try to hide it in his yogurt or juice but sometimes I notice he'll leave a drop or two of the juice left,making me wonder if he got all the vitamins down.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good, natural gummy vitamins that I could try for toddlers 2+? I'm looking for something with all of the vitamins in it, especially D3, that I know he'll eat. Also, I've been staying away frm gummy vits because they seem more like candy to me but maybe I'm wrong. Is there all kinds of sugar in them?

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I don't have a rec for a gummy, but it's easy to get a separate vit D supp, if that would make it easier to find a multivit. Carlson D drops are just 1 drop of unflavored liquid, they come in a few dosages and are quite affordable online.
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Vitamin World has nice children's vitamins--I would check out one of their stores.

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I give my dc Little Critters Gummi Vites Multi-Vitamin, which has D. This one has natural colors and flavors, but they also make some with artificial colors, so you have to check the labels. They have quite a few. Check these out. HTH
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