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Luna Panties??? new to me.

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I am preggers and am interested in the Luna Panties. Ive never used any mama cloth. Pads always make me itchy, ouchie skin. I need just a little extra protection being pregnant you know...

How do you ladies like the Luna Panties, and or Luna pad products? I ordered one pair of panties and one panty liner and Im waiting.....

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I haven't tried these but I saw these in Mothering mag and I thought they sounded awesome! If I was preg I'd totally give them a try!
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I loooove lunapanties. They're awesome!
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I have a pair of the bikini style and I love them. In fact, they were just out of commission during my actual period because I'd worn them earlier in the week just cuz they're comfy (and we were having some laundry issues).
Mine are the older style without the little bands to hold a liner. I've been hesitant to try the new ones w/ the bands because I have this possibly irrational fear of hairs getting caught in/around the bands and pulling. Plus, I don't feel like I'd really need the extra liner. We'll see though. I love the pair I have so much and I'd really like another pair.
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Where do you guys get them?
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oiseau -- Yes, I think that fear is probably irrational.
I have both kinds and love them both.

You can buy them here.
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Whoohoo! I got my one pair or Luna Panties and one panty liner. I really like them and wish I could buy more. I may have to sew some.
BUt the Panties dont pull or anything. Super soft and nice. Very well made. Im gonna use cloth for post partum for sure.
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