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bottle warmer

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When using a bottle to give your babe BM, do you (or your caregiver) use a bottle warmer? Does it harm the milk?
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never used one.. sometimes just run the milk package (bottle or baggie) under warm water. our dd has never been the slightest bit picky about temperature.. the only reason we warm it at all is that it tends to help the milk combine the fat layer back into the milk and not stick to the bottle/package.
just don't microwave it whatever you do and you'll be fine!
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They do at the daycare my kids go to. It didnt seem to bother the boys at all. I didnt use one at home, I would just run very hot water into a glass tumbler and then plopp my bottle down in the tumbler til it was warmed through. Worked just as good.
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It doesn't hurt the milk as long as you don't microwave or boil it. Some babies are fine with milk at any temperature, I do have my daycare warm up my DD's bottles as she prefers it and they have a little crock pot thing that they warm them up with, not sure if it is technically a bottle warmer as I don't know what they look like. I always just warmed her bottles at home when I wanted to by running under a hot tap or putting them in a pan of hot water for a bit.
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Warming is helpful because it allows the the fat to become less chunky. I don't give bottles but DH and our nanny both warm them a bit. They both microwave a cup of water and dunk either the bottle (we use glass) or the bag of frozen bm. Some babies are pick about temperature but chunky milk won't go through the nipple/gets clogged and they loose the good fat.

Personally, I think bottle warmers are a waste of space.
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