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Wow! Congratulations!! It sounds like she's doing great for being so early. I hope for a short NICU stay and that you can be home as a family soon!
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Congratulations, Liz! And welcome to this world, big beautiful baby Willow.

Please take good care of yourself... and keep us posted on how you and baby are doing.
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Welcome baby Willow! Hoping her little pink screams get stronger with each day that passes!
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Congratulations and welcome to Willow!

Take care of yourself too.
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welcome baby willow!!! grow big and strong!!
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The first nov. DDC babe!

welcome earth-side baby willow!
im sorry that they had to induce you early mama
but it sounds like it was for the best.
i hope that her NICU stay is very short and that you can take her home soon.. its been a very long journey for you. im sure all you want to do is snuggle in bed with your sweet baby.
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& She sounds strong, hopefully she won't have to stay in the NICU for too long.
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Congratulations!!! That sounds like a great weight! Wow!
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Much love and my thoughts are with you both.
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Congratulations! I love the name! I will pray for short stay in the NICU and that she will be home with you very soon. Please keep us posted!
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Oh, wow, mama! I'm so sorry she's here so early, but congratulations on your new daughter! May you have strength to endure these next few weeks, and much joy in all of your moments with Willow!
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Congrats, mama! Wow - 4 lbs already...I love her name! I hope she's out of the NICU soon.
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Sorry you had to be induced so early, but Congrats on your sweet baby girl!! That is great that she is doing so well. Wishing her home before you know it and a short NICU stay!
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Oh Liz, I am so happy for you that baby Willow is earthside and safe!
Of course would have been better if she did not come this soon, but how good that you were taken care of and they knew she needed to come out!

I am sure you are overwhelmed right now-please take care of yourself! And get strong baby Willow, your mama waited a long, long time for you!
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Welcome, Baby Willow!
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Congratulations Liz, I'm so happy for you!

NICUs can be so stressful, but I really hope that Willow has a very short and straightforward stay there.
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Congratulations. I have to agree Willow is an absolutely beautiful name. Will be praying for the continued progress of your precious little baby.
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How's Willow doing? And how are you doing? Thinking about you both....
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bumping this up!

would love to her how you and willow are doing mama
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Me too! Hope you're both doing well.
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