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"Slightly enlarged Fetal Kidneys" update

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I had an appt yesterday, a week and a half after my u/s, and my midwife said well your u/s showed baby to have slightly enlarged kidneys, but dont worry, it's probably nothing. Said that bladder and everything else looked normal, so that shows that system is functioning the way it should. My first thought was wtf, why didn't anyone call me, I hate that during the u/s they tell you nothing, then not even the midwife called, just waited until I saw her yesterday to tell me, I dont know if it would make a difference, but I just hate that they know something and dont think it's important enough to tell you right away. So I am going for a follow up u/s in about 10 weeks. I did a lot of looking on the internet last night and saw that it is fairly common to be seen in u/s i guess, more likely to be seen in boys, which is what i'm having and that usually it resolves itself before birth, either that baby grows into them or that maybe during u/s there was urine in them making them appear larger, and sometimes it is something that is serious, and can also be a sign of down syndrome. I don't do any of the testing for down syndrome or whatever else they test for in those early tests they ask if you want, and even with this I still don't want that. I'm 29 and as far as I know no one in my family or husbands family has been born with this I think I saw that my chances were like 1 in 1,000, but it still sucks that something could be wrong, these 10 weeks are going to be awful. Has anyone been told this? did it resolve itself? or was it something serious? She didnt give me a specific size of the kidneys, I saw when looking a lot of people said the size of the kidneys, so i'm hoping that means that they are just barely bigger than avg. but I guess it's enough of a difference to want to see them agian.
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what a lot of stress mama...i hope you caught the little guy just before he had to pee. i don't know anything about enlarged kidneys, but i send big love and hugs. nurture you both.

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I would take them not calling you immediately as a good sign that it's really not a big deal and that it'll probably resolve itself. My experience is that when something is really important they'll tell you right away. I'm sorry, though, because it can be really frustrating to feel like you aren't in control of your medical information.
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I'm so sorry. It sucks to have something potentially wrong, doesn't it? Most likely, however, your baby is completely fine.
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Originally Posted by ashleybrook View Post
i hope you caught the little guy just before he had to pee.
That's what happened with our DS. I hope it is nothing. We had a follow-up appt at 24 weeks and everything was fine. Actually the tech measured the kidneys at the beginning, said the were enlarged, measured them again toward the end and said they had gone down, but they still suggested a follow-up.

Keep us posted.
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THey might not have called you because "it wasn't such a big thing" as they like to say over here. I know over here if its something that can harm you/baby right away they call you (for example when they thought I was showing signs of preterm labor at 20 weeks- ended up being a machine malfunction or something like that) but if its just something showing off they won't tell you until your next appointment. It sucks but its just their "policy".
Sorry for your stress, hopefully its nothing.
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I had the same thing with DS#1 and they said it wasn't usually a big deal. I went back for a follow up u/s 4wks later and it was no longer an issue.
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We had the same thing, too.

Although in our case it was enlarged kidneys, echogenic bowels, thickened nuchal fold, and some cysts on the brain. We went through the whole ordeal -- ending up with an amniocentesis and then they said, "Everything looks normal". We still kind of held our breath on the kidney issue, but I have a perfectly healthy 6 yr/old boy. It's a scary process, but my guess is that the same will happen for you.
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I really hope everything is looking normal again when i get my follow up, I keep telling myself that if they thought it was something really serious that they would want me back before 10 weeks passes, so for now I'm just trying not to think about it.
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I should point out that the doctor never said that we should come back for a follow up -- even after the amniocentesis. We knew not to expect a chromosome disorder, but the kidney situation was wholly up in the air. They said that it would most likely resolve itself by birth...and it did.

If it were a concern for your health care provider, you can bet they'd have you in there for all kinds of expensive tests.

Hope you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.
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We had that with our first DD. At my 18 wk check up and u/s for the gender they found she had enlarged kidney's. I happened to be at work, in the middle of a training meeting when I got the phone call from the u/s results. I was so upset. My first child and I wasnt prepared and had no idea what that was. She was diagnosed with Hydranephrosis (sp?). It was insane from that moment on. I went to MANY more u/s. Visited tons of different pediatric urologists. They even sent me to a genetic counselor. They said having enlarged kidneys could be a sign for down syndrome. Even though everything else measured ok. I did a lot of soul searching, because I was pulled in many directions. I had to give up my midwife and birth center birth. Even my midwife decided that if by the 9th month the baby was still showing the enlarged kidney's it was best to have a hospital birth. The pediatric urologist was going to be there at the delivery in case there was any issues that needed immediate attention. Surgery was a possibility if the doctors deemed it necessary.

In the end I had a hospital birth, but I was successful in not getting the epi. But I had pitocin and the baby had to have fetal monitoring. They had induced me because 2 weeks before my due date the u/s showed little amniotic fluid, which occurs when the kidneys are not processing the way they should. So I was really upset by all the rushing and not getting my relaxed natural birth that I wanted.

In the end they ran tons of tests on her as soon as she was born, and nothing. Completely normal kidneys. I had to take her at 3mo old for them to double check, but she was fine. It was like it had never been a problem.

I think with u/s they can be good in some way and bad in others. They really wanted me to have an amnio, part of the reason we had to see a gentic counselor. I remember it was like 1 in a 800 that they baby could have downs and 1 in 100 that the baby could miscarry from the amnio. My husband and I had always agreed that we would not do any of the screens or tests for defects, because it didnt matter. Either way we were having the baby. And I told the genetic counselor my odds were higher to have a miscarriage than to actually have any genetic problems, so we passed on it. And I never regreted.

In the end, knowing it was never a big deal, doesnt change that I would have done it all the same again. You are a mom and you worry and you want to do what is best for your baby with all the info you have.

Hugs to you mama!
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My son came back the same today - so let's hope it really is that nothing.
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I had the same thing just happen to me. I am due in March and am having a boy. The OB at the hospital who read the ultrasound while we were there scared the cr*p out of us with talk of how it could be a marker for Down's even though the nuchal and blood tests were all ok. But that was like the first thing he said ... not how minute the increased chances were or how everything else looked fine.
Then when I went for my follow-up with my midwife, she said it was no big deal at all and that everything else was fine and he probably just hadn't peed. I have an 8 week follow up ultrasound, I guess around end of December. I hope yours goes well and you can put the worry behind you!
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well i have my 28 week appt next week and that's what i'm supposed to schedule the follow up ultrasound so i should know in about a week hopefully.  

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went in today to have follow up u/s and it is all normal, said that most likely he needed to pee and that is what probably caused the larger size.  

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What a relief!  Congrats mama!

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thanks.  i'm so glad that is over with now, was just trying to not think about it for the past 10 weeks.  the dr was there too which was nice so then i could ask questions and actually be able to have them answered instead of them telling me i would have to wait to hear from my midwife.  he said everything looks great and there is no need for any further u/s.

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Originally Posted by mauraa629 View Post

went in today to have follow up u/s and it is all normal, said that most likely he needed to pee and that is what probably caused the larger size.  

Wonderful news!  Sorry you had to wait 10 weeks to find out though..sheesshhh!

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That is wonderful news! I am going through the same thing now. I have my follow-up u/s in a few weeks.

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