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has your child has pertussis and DTP info to give my homeopathic doc

Poll Results: Have your kids had Pertussis? How bad was it?

  • 0% (0)
  • 55% (15)
  • 3% (1)
    Not any worse than a regular cold
  • 11% (3)
    It was like a really bad cold but manageable
  • 25% (7)
    It was scary, but we were ok at home
  • 3% (1)
    hospital visit for us (ER or hospitalization)
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I have a great Homeopathic doctor, but he still wants DS to have DTaP shots. He said all the others aren't really needed since he isn't in daycare, but he think that one and polio (he admitted he is bias being of the polio generation and close to the action) are worth having and he delays giving any until 8 months.

So first is the poll if you haven't vaxed for DTaP has your child gotten pertussis and how bad was it?

Second anyone have some quick info I can give this Doc, My appointment is on Monday. When I had mentioned during the last appointment I thought Pertussis was only a danger for babies under one, more so under 6 months He responded that, "no its a danger for kids under 5"?

Thanks so much in advance. I know I know this stuff I just can't seem to think straight.
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So first is the poll if you haven't vaxed for DTaP has your child gotten pertussis and how bad was it?
I have five totally unvaxxed kids and none of them have ever had a VPD.
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My youngest had it at about 4 months. We went to the ER (thats where we got diagnosed) but we went home shortly (like after being seen but before the results came back) and were fine at home after diagnosis through the duration of the illness. I was a little taken aback and ended up treating all of us even though no one else presented similar symptoms, older two were vaxed for it. Oddly enough, it was right around the time I swiched from their delayed/selective vax schedule to not vaxing at all... and it did not scare me into vaxing, even with the lectures from medical staff.

I had to have a couple of conversation with the health department (one reason I ended up treating everyone) as a result but that was not too bad

I will say it was NO FUN and little sleep but we got through just fine
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we are going through pertussis here, just confirmed today. We're on day 28 today. ds3 is 17mo. When you see the first few paroxymal coughs, it's pretty scary. I've really rethought my decision to not ax (ds2 and ds3 are unvaxed.) Of course, this is fear talking because who knows what would/could happen if he were completely vaxed. Maybe nothing, maybe something terrible. What I DO know right now, is that he's fine. I know we're still fighting an uphill battle and will be for another month or more, but he's eating and drinking well. Getting lots of rest and nutrition. It's a long illness though. It works for me because I'm home with him, but I'm not sure how tough this would be for a WOHM. Even if you choose abx (5 days which apparently ensures they aren't contagious), the coughing is NUTS! He's vomited a few times after a coughing spell, has snot coming out of his nose like you wouldn't believe. I'm doubtful a daycare would accept him even now at 4 weeks out.
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We don't vax and we had pertussis 2 years ago. I think the kids had it for about 3 weeks. It really was not that bad. The baby was under a year old and the boys were 3 and 5. I just quarantined us and kept the kids comfortable and gave them supplements recommended by our homeopathic doc. Nights were tough, but no moreso than a flu or the croup.
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I have had it, but you didn't have an option for me. I feel like "it was really scary, but we were OK at home" minimizes how incredibly terrifying it is. You're suffocating, but you're vomiting and still coughing at the same time. My mother may not have had to take me to the hospital, but I certainly felt nowhere near OK.

Ever since then I really annoy people by my nonchalance about coughs. They will be freaked out and call it a bad cough, when to me anything where you're taking a breath in between coughs and can stop for a minute or so as the bile starts to rise isn't a bad cough
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My vaxed and up-to-date husband brought it home and DS, 23 months old at the time, unvaxed, had it. The first few days of paroxysmal coughing (along with the whooping and vomiting) were not pleasant, but we started sodium ascorbate to bowel tolerance right after the whooping started and it made all the difference between something that was nerve-wracking and wretched to something manageable. DS's whooping and vomiting subsided and his paroxysmal coughing decreased. He was able to sleep through the night again. He recovered completely fine, no complications. We also did not do antibiotics but chose to keep him quarantined for 3 weeks. He recovered in about 4-5 weeks total. Honestly, once we started the SA, and got it to the right dose, it was like dealing with a different illness.

My 5 year old, also unvaxed, never got it even with her father and brother hacking all around her constantly.
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My kids did not get it but they were all exposed because all 7 of my nieces and nephews from two different families got it. They were all fine. I think 1 of them had a secondary pneumonia infection. None of them went to the hospital, and they all recovered with no issues.
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I don't think either of the boys have had pertussis, but I'm fairly positive *I've* had pertussis and it was just a cold that simply would. not. go. away.
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DS was 15 months old when he and I had pertussis. He had two of the three DTP. His response to the pertussis was very sick for a week (same as me), then the cough. His was milder, lasted for about three weeks, but not as intense. The problem was that it then resulted in a chronic mild cough that persisted for over a year until I finally allowed him to do a three week steroid inhaler. That worked instantly, his lungs healed and no cough since. I, on the other hand, became VERY ill. I had an unbelievable cough for about three months. Unable to breathe. Coughed until I vomited and/or lost bladder control. What a nightmare. I had not had any sort of vax for pertussis since I was a child. But, unlike my son, Once my cough stopped, I did not have any residual cough. Our homeopath pediatrician had us on the sodium ascorbate, but I didn't notice any benefit. We also had my son take spongier for the chronic cough. I wish I could say it helped as well, but no. Anyway, we just treated it like a cold with lots of fluid, rest, etc. I cannot believe how bad it was for me though.
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Neither of my children have had it but I got it the winter after my son turned one. I was sick for a little over a month. I kept going back to the doctor they tried several different antibiotics with none of them working. Finally they gave me a rescue inhaler, breathing treatments, a new antibiotic and a family friend came down and stayed with me for a week so I was able to actually get some sleep/rest. When she first got to the house she put me to bed I slept for a little over two days waking only to take meds and use the bathroom.

It turns out I had whooping cough and some how managed to add strep throat to the mix. I know I never want to feel like that ever again it was terrifying to not be able to catch my breath. I can't imagine having it as a infant/small child. We delay vax and some how even with me having it my oldest never got sick at all.

Although it may of been worse for me because I have asthma, my youngest also has asthma we seem to get sick way more often then my oldest and my spouse. Prior to the whooping cough I had not needed an inhaler since I was a teenager, now I am back to needing it.
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