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What's Your Luxury?

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What is something you could trim, but it's a luxury you grant yourself or your family? For example...

DH likes expensive three ply toilet paper.

I like to go to this Italian bakery every Saturday and get pastries that we do not need.
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I'm a yarn addict. To support my habit (and justify to myself that it is ok to spend), I bring my lunch to work which can save me up to $50/wk. No, I don't then spend $50/week on yarn!

We're beginning to have family date night, we have a monthly couple date night, gym membership with personal training sessions for dh and I (which has proven to be a great connector for my husband and I) and a sitter for these outings. Sure, we could cut back on these, but given the state of our marriage, they're pretty crucial right now. And suggested in part and totally encouraged by our marriage counselor - whom we see weekly at a $25 co-pay. Sure, we could cut back on that, too, but, we'd surely end up in divorce court! So, depending on your view, these could be counted as necessities.
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I know this may sound silly:

When I have a little extra on FS, on a day the kids are at their father's, I get me a small filet. I cook it exactly the way I like it. I have asparagus with hollandaise or something like that on the side. Just like I was going to a fancy restaurant. Sometimes I even go get a very small bottle of wine. Something cheap, but something I don't ever get. Then I light myself a candle and watch a chick flick. If I can afford it, I'll rent one I haven't seen, but otherwise, I watch one of my favorites that I have received as gifts through the years.

Actually, I think that is in store for tonight!
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Violin lessons. Total indulgence at $80 a month (two lessons, I just can't justify going every week). I mean, there is no hope of me ever playing professionally or anything. It is just totally for me for fun. I also decided that I would buy myself a cup of tea and sit in the campus cafe in between work and my evening classes. That comes out to about $5 a week which I could completely avoid by bringing my own mug and tea bag and using my bottle of drinking water to make a cup of tea in the microwave right outside the cafe. I think I am going to change that now that I figured out that it really is costing me $20 a month. That seems a bit steep now that I have thought about it! I could buy one book on my wish list every month with that $20. Hmmmm..
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A whole bunch of extra cable channels. We lived without cable for years, but since we got it again we got a ton of movie channels and one of the bigger cable packages. It's a lot more money than we need to spend, but it's so worth it to be browsing the channels and find something we'd like to watch and not go, "oh, we don't have that channel. Boo."

I did give up netflix though because I couldn't justify all the movie channels and netflix.
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A good pair of shoes. I have picky feet and out of all the shoes I've bought over the years, feet only like the Merrell slip-on that cost way more than I'd prefer to spend on shoes.
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Cable TV and the occasional fast food.
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Organic meats, raw milk, and organic fruits/veggies that are on the "dirty dozen" list. We COULD buy the cheap stuff, but it tastes so much better to go expensive.
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I'd say my iphone, if that's considered a luxury item.
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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife View Post
I'd say my iphone, if that's considered a luxury item.
I used to have an iphone, loved that thing. My luxuries are probably organic foods and raw milk. I can only afford these due to food stamps though. The only other thing I could do to use up what I get would be to just stock up a ton. When I had a garden, I was able to do both. Also, clothes. I love clothes, for me and the kids. Many are homemade very inexpensively, but I am still a fashion addict, lol.
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High speed internet, Warcraft, and Direct tv with a DVR. (though we did drop the premium channels--had them all at one point, then realized we weren't actually watching them/the movies we recorded.).
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Orange juice--the expensive, fresh squeezed kind. As we say around here: "It's pricey, but it's worth it!"
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natural mama reminded me: I love children's clothes. I'm addicted to Janie & Jack, and we'd surely save money if I stopped buying new items.

Also, our house is luxurious, IMO. But, hey, it balances out the old car I drive.
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netflix! i love it since we dont have cable
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Yarn ($20 a month?) - It is for gifts where I'm obliged to give something but I refuse to touch the cheapest, scratchy icky kind so what I get is a luxury.

Good eggs ($18 extra/month) - Farm fresh ones, safer and delicious. Plus this particular farmer is so friendly and positive that buying from him brightens my Saturdays. Still cheaper than breakfasts at McD's.

AC ($90 extra/summer month) kept it under 77F in the house. We're home all day and I get mean and useless if I'm too hot. (Winter heating costs a lot too but that's a complete necessity)
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Good shoes (currently in chacos and keens), coffee out sometimes, netflix, and frankly, I consider cable internet and cell phone to be luxury items as well. For me.
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Originally Posted by cody'smomma View Post
Good shoes (currently in chacos and keens)
Me too, I LOVE both of these. We're pretty broke right now, but my Chacos took a nosedive and were dying a slow, painful death. My local little clothing store had a pair in my size on clearance for $47.50, I really didn't have the money, but I wear my chacos nearly every.single.day. Had to buy them, but they were 1/2 price.

I also LOVE expensive workout type clothing, Patagonia, North Face, Columbia, Athleta-anything that is breathable. I'm a junkie for that type of thing, I just love well made comfy sports bras and such. Thing is though I'm too broke to buy crap, if I'm gonna buy something it should last, because I want to wear it for YEARS.
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I also have a bit of a problem with the expensive outdoor clothing. Every year I seem to justify purchasing another Patagonia jacket (although I do sometimes sell an old one on ebay...)
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