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A monthly cleaning lady. I keep giving her raises because I don't want her to leave.

I eat lunch out almost every day. It's an escape from my stressful job.
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I can add to mine ... shopping at Whole Foods. Usually we shop at TJ's and a little Mom & Pop health food store where I can get what we need for a good amount. But every now and then I like to splurge on Whole Foods. I just love all their produce.
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Exercise Club Membership.

Classes for the kids: Science and Geography

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We eat out 1-2 times a week.

I was going to say my organic, all natural body care products but honestly I have such bad chemical sensitivities that I could probably handle the cheap hair stuff, but I absolutely cannot use mainstream body lotions (I have ezcema and dermographism). It keeps me out of the doctors office, literally.

We buy organic, high thread count sheets. DD and I have sensory issues and itchy sheets make my skin crawl. But I could do without the organic.

I don't consider organic healthy food a luxury. I believe that everyone has the right to safe, healthy food. I know some can't afford it, but we can. I would drop just about everything else before I started buying non-organic (certain items-dairy, apples...)

My daughter's activity classes. She's homeschooled and these are her lifeline to other kids (besides the park and library, which we wear out, believe me )

Oh, I do buy quality art supplies for myself and dd. I think it's important, and it is a luxury.

I get my eyebrows waxed 1-2 times a month. I'd have a unibrow, I'm not joking.

Other than those things, I'm really frugal with everything, shop on sale or thrift, use coupons, no cable, prepaid cellie, make home cleaning supplies, order water at restaurants, no cleaning ladies, no gym memberships, no YMCA, no pool passes, no lawn maintenance, no pedicures, no fancy haircuts, no spas, cheap vacations, cheap car, etc.
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Cable with a DVR. No fancy movie channels, just regular expanded basic cable. It's the DVR that I love. I almost never get to sit down and watch shows when they're on, so being able to watch them whenever I get a chance is really nice.

I also partake in a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (nonfat, no whip ) more often than I should But it's only available a few months out of the year, so I get it while I can.
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Lancome Foundation

I don't own a table or chairs, but I have flawless looking skin!
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Once a month trip to a hair stylist

Good food... I do not skimp when it comes to food. It would be the absolute last thing I would trim if we had to

Boutique childrens clothes for DS

I'm not a coffee person but I do drink tea and some blends can be pricey

My ridiculous cookbook habit

Travel... on average we fly 4 or 5 times a year. We have large families in multiple countries that we try to visit frequently
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Dance class for me. It's something I plan to do for the rest of my life.

Warcraft for dh and I. (mostly dh, lol)

Preschool for dd.

Internet connection.
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My dog. He's not cheap as the financial planner always reminds me but we love him. He's partially blind, has disk disease (which is amazingly low maintenance considering it temporarily paralyzed him), and is on bp medication for which he has to have routine blood work 3 times a year. He's a good dog, navigates well, loves the kids, and isn't in any kind of pain so we're keeping him - bah humbug to the financial planner!

DH: MR2's

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Me: Netflix! (we have zero TV reception here)

DH: online gaming subscriptions

Both of us: internet connection. Also pop-up camper that we haven't even used this year.
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Spinning fiber. I'm a fiber artist (primarily a handspinner, also a knitter) and I splurge on luxury fibers every so often because they are just so amazing to handle. And it's cheaper than therapy. Right now I'm knitting a nursing shawl out of a merino/cashmere/silk yarn that I spun - I know it's an utterly impractical fiber for a nursing shawl, but it's so soft and gorgeous and I wanted to make one heirloom piece for this long-awaited baby.

I also don't scrimp on food, ever. Which isn't to say that I'm not frugal - I cook from scratch as much as possible, we don't eat much meat, I stock up when things are on a really good sale, etc. But we're both pretty serious foodies, and good food is a joy.
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makeup and hair products!
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I'd say my iphone, though that feels like a neccesity to me LOL.
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After reading this, I think I need to splurge a little more on myself. I can't remember that last time I bought myself anything.
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New clothes for me. New clothes for the kids. I do get some of the kids' stuff secondhand but after almost 3 years of secondhand/cheap stuff for DD I am sick of things falling apart or being unbleachable. Besides, she just wears her favorites over and over, so I am trying to buy her fewer but better clothes. DS is still at the age where the secondhand selection is really good and they don't wear stuff for that long, so I am trying not to buy him much.

Other luxuries: occasional meal out. Date night. Preschool. High speed internet. Family activities.
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My gym membership- it's $85 a month, but I do yoga at least twice a week which would cost me about $15 a class at a local studio, so it actually works out. Or at least, that's how I justify it.

Netflix, but that's like $8 so....I don't really consider it a splurge

Good quality tea for myself. That's just imperative. Generally though, I use my swagbucks GC for that so again, I'm not sure that I could it. I mean yes, the GC could be used for household stuff instead so fine. :P
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Okay, I'm starting to feel a little better about myself. DH is a SERIOUS coupon hound, and is, I'm not kidding, like a competitive shopper. I'm not allowed to go grocery shopping for our household. I might spend an extra dollar on the wrong toothbrush - GASP!

So my thing is apples. I do eat one a day, and not for any doctor-avoidance technique, I just really enjoy a good, crisp, juicy apple. Mmm. Nothing like it!

So DH knows better than to get crappy red delicious, but he'll totally scrimp and get me galas when the fuji's and braeburns are 20 cents more a pound. Braeburns are totally better! I just told him - poo poo'ed his 20 cents a pound and told him I was going myself to buy the Honeycrisp's! (which is a severe threat - in Alaska we are talking 3.50/lb for those apples. They are insanely expensive, and delicious).

Well, it worked. I get my braeburn's and fuji's now. And they do cost $2/lb. And we are talking, like, 7 at a time because I eat them every day. He comes home crabbing about how we spent 12 dollars on apples.

And then I eat an apple. Call me spoiled!
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these past 8 months, we have had to live so frugally, I feel I've given up things that I *would* have said are the luxury that I'd never give up

but I always find $1.20 to buy my son an ice cream cone at Rite Aid (-: it makes him happy and makes me feel like we aren't struggling so much, if I can treat my boy to ice cream
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Originally Posted by traceface View Post
but I always find $1.20 to buy my son an ice cream cone at Rite Aid (-: it makes him happy and makes me feel like we aren't struggling so much, if I can treat my boy to ice cream
This is .
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Excellent supplements/vitamins and food. The pets and their high quality of care.
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