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There are also water mei tais. I really wanted one when my second was a baby!
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I love the Moby. It's the only one I've tried, but it's great. It took a while to get it right. At first, it was too loose or I put the baby in it in an uncomfortable position. I'm so glad I kept trying. After a few weeks, it was simple. She loves going for walks in it and looking around. Then she gets lulled to sleep by the movements and puts her head on my chest and goes to sleep.

Oh, like a previous poster said, it does stretch out...but when you wash and dry it, it shrinks back to the original size.
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Great tips everybody! I like the two-shoulder carriers 'coz I have back prob, so I will look out for a water meitai!

Any ideas on nice padded carrier for winter?
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My mama made us a moby-style wrao using a bamboo silky-knit- it's great and lightweight for the heat. I just got a Se7en pouch that's been cool so she can face out, and I've tried her in the Ergo w/o n insert, but I agree with the PP who said it seems too wide fo her hips.
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Do you have the sakura bloom? we have a double linen from them which is what we use. they have GREAT videos on thier site for help which I loved (I had to go watch to sort out how to do it lol). Basically they are squatting in the sling with thier heinys sitting below thier knees...at first I didn't think there was any way that carry was safe but now that I know how I totally get it lol. you do a "wall of fabric" on your chest that instead of across your chest it is under your breasts, you reach up under the sling and guide the legs down, fit the heiny into the "seat of the sling" and spread thier legs then you tighten it. The trick is to not tighten the lower middle portion of the sling too much or you lose the seat and make them straight as a board (which they will slip out of...possibly). I make sure the seat fabric is tucked up under her knees really nice...I read a tip and it really helps that once you first put them in, to bend over (holding baby of course!)and adjust the sling around you and pull the legs up/fit heiny in. This helps SO much!!
Thanks for the tips and the link! I have a zolo silk sling (much better than my first one which was a Soul Baby NYC linen which just didn't work for me at all) and watched the zolo videos which are similar. I'll keep trying...also now that he has gotten used to legs froggied in the wrap, maybe he will tolerate it in the RS.
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Any ideas on nice padded carrier for winter?
I'd like ideas, too! Right now I have my eye on the Beco Gemini and the Babyhawk Oh Snap. Both are taller/longer than the Beco Butterfly II that I have, which is really important right now because this baby girl is growing at lightning speed! The top of her head is already sticking out of the Butterfly II, so I need to make a quick decision. I'll probably eventually order both.

I'm not a mei tai person because the knots and tails just never seem tight enough for me. They slip and I feel all loosey goosey. I really prefer buckles. (Which is why I thought I'd hate a wrap, but I do love the Sleepy.)

I have two Sakura Bloom silk ring slings too and they seem like they'd be nice in cold weather. We have a love-hate relationship with them though. Some days she'll sleep in them contently (legs out at this point - when she could froggy it was only love - that is THE perfect newborn carrier, I swear), and other days she seems to hate the way the edges feel against her thighs.

I'm hoping the Sleepy Wrap and a new SSC will get me through fall. Maybe even winter. I hope.

What is everyone else doing for fall and winter (if it's cold where you are)?
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I loved the ring sling for when Finn was teeny-tiny and I still like it for quick stops, like a quick grocery shop or something but otherwise I find it kills my back and shoulder and I feel all off balance...although I do find it the easiest to nruse in.

I love the wrap we have. I feel a lot more balanced in it and i think we both find it more comfy but when I try to wear him while doing housework I find it inconvenient because I guess I bend a lot and that means I need one hand free to hold stop his head from flopping about. But I do still love it and imagine we'll be using this one for a while.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE our Ergo. Super comfy for both of us. I feel really supported and so does Finn. I use the infant insert, first because he needed it to help support his neck and now because it's gotten really chilly here in the last few weeks and even on sunny days there's a pretty cool breeze. I have had him in the Ergo inside (sans infant insert) a few times and it's much more managable that way. (I found the infant insert too bulky when I was trying to do housework etc...especially since I'm so short...) Just about ready to try carrying him on my back. I know we'll be using the Ergo for a long time.
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