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VBAC in Indianapolis

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Tell me about your VBAC! My last pregnancy was a planned HB transfer (during labor) and C-Section at Clarian North in Carmel. I'm not sure that I am comfortable with another HB but it is still on the table. At the same time, I really hated the hospital and all of the harassment that came with it (forced bottle for low blood sugar, tests, shots and being woken up hourly). I am 8 weeks and I have no idea what I am going to do. I live downtown and I'm willing to travel.

I'd really just like to hear about VBAC experiences other women have had in Central Indiana. Recommended providers, hospitals, doulas etc.

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What are your thoughts on homebirth? I had a vbac homebirth after 3 section.
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Dr. Mary Soper -- she delivers at Methodist and Clarian North. Probably one of your best bets for a VBAC in a hospital. She's totally cool with partners catching the baby and will pretty much go with most birthplans. You can birth in the water, delay cord cutting, no iv, etc. She actually is the OB who provides back-up care to the birthing center. Some people do not care for her bedside manner, but DW and I thought she was hilarious!

If I was to have a hosital birth, she's be the only OB I would call.
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Our first was the same! Planned hb then transfer and section. We went to Methodist because of Dr. Soper, and they're the only WHO baby friendly hospital in Indy. Dr. Soper was in an emergency section, so we ended up with another doc there who was awesome! Told me during surgery our next could be a vbac. The hospital let us co-sleep, didn't gives us a hard time about shots, etc.

I would go with a doula to speak up for you, though. Our baby was separated for observation even though she was fine. I think she could have been observed with me. The lc also had my dh supplement within the first 48 hours (she was 41 wks 4 days and 9 1/2 lbs... No need to supplement.) but I was a new mom. Next time, that wouldn't fly.

Just my $.02
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If you're willing to drive there is a fabulous midwife practice at Community Hospital in Anderson. They offer water birth and VBAC. I had a home birth before my birth at Community Hospital and they were supportive. One of the midwives actually had her babies at home. It's a baby friendly hospital, too, so there are no formula bags, and they don't push formula.
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