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CD rash...help please

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My daughter has been in cloth since about 5 months, and she is 21 months now. About 3-4 months ago she started getting rashes from cloth. I change her the instant she wets and she never sits in a dirty diaper.

And when she gets rashy, we switch to disposables and the rash is gone in a day.

We have tried bleach. We have tried washing 4-5 times on a 2.5 hour sanitary cycle. We have tried the "dawn wash" and then rinse a jillion times until the water is suds-free.

This is extraordinarily frustrating. Please help. Thank you.
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Are you using fleece lined diapers? Some children are sensitive to fleece, and for others it is helpful in wicking away some of the moisture.

This might be a too-simple solution, but we'd always sprinkle a bit of corn starch on red bottoms and that would often (not always, but sometimes) help clear things up.

What type of diapers are you using?
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Our younger son is VERY rash prone (some due to food issues, some due to very sensitive skin) and we have found that fleece irritates him and that he does best in prefolds and wool. What is your current diaper set up?
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My son turned out to be sensitive to stay dry lining. The moment we put a Bumgenius or fuzzibunz or any other stay dry diaper, he'd break out in a rash. Once we put prefolds on him though, it went away. So we just use prefolds and flats. I have a few fitteds, but really, prefolds and flats are the easiest to clean!
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