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Low Thyroid Symptoms but "Normal" Blood Tests - Page 12

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Anyone else see this post?
My labs are similar, I know I'm low iron, I do better supping copper with my zinc and I easily get symptoms of riboflavin deficiency. I think I might need to read more of this blog and find that book!
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I've been feeling hypothyroid again, so I asked for the doc to test my thyroid.  Test results for TSH came bak at 0.73.  She said it's normal, so everything is fine. Argh!

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I have a mystery like that too Babygrant. My TSH isn't even as low as yours! I started supplementing a B-vitamin complex and iron(bisglycinate amino acid chelate if you need to take iron) Now after reading the last link, I think I may start supping a zinc/copper chelate.

 My next doctors appointment will include a cortisol test. 

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Jumping in here -


I have read a good part of this thread, but it's a bit long so if this has been covered already, my apologies, just link to the relevant post!


After years of no doc taking me seriously, I have found an alternative MD who specializes in thyroid and adrenal issues. I have been diagnosed subclinical hypothryroid and have been on Armour for about 6 weeks now. Also have low cortisol and DHEA levels. Doc wanted me to start on DHEA supplements and Cortisol. I initally didn't want to, and agreed to take isocort instead. I then discoeverd I was pregnant and didn't take anything but the armour. This doc says that a pregnant woman can take both cortisol and dhea in pregnancy as long as levels are monitored closely. He even showed me some medical literature to support this but i just didnt feel comfortable so declined.


I ended up miscarrying at 7 weeks, so now I have just begun on both the cortisol and the DHEA. My last blood tests showed even worse numbers for both so I felt I needed to do something. I had known about the sluggish adrenals for a while and have taken supplements for it for the last year, but they were not helping.


My question is has anybody here had experience with cortisol or dhea supplementation? if so what were your experiences.


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A mucin update smile.gif

I was thinking my thyroid symptoms were likely either vitamin A deficiency (it's a cofactor for thyroid hormone to do its protein synthesis thing) or dysbiosis causing resistance (or weird hormone changes with lactation). About a month ago, I got the stomach flu and didn't eat for two days. To try and treat it and recover, I started supping myself with vitamin A for the first time (before, it was self-limiting quantities of liver), 50,000iu/day for a couple weeks and 25,000iu after that. As soon as my appetite was back, I felt AMAZING. This is before the A had a chance to do anything, its like I had a total gut reset. Anyway, now, a month later, I'm noticing a significant decrease in mucin. I can pinch my arms better, my face looks thinner (in a good way), and my thighs/butt are slimming down for pretty much the first time since dd was born, save when I was pg with ds. As always, there are too many variables to say for sure, but it sure sounds to me like vit A should get the credit.

Also interesting to note is dd is slimming down a ton as well (she is/was one of those super chub babies, 27lbs at 6mo, 44lbs at not quite 4yo). Now, she lost a bunch of weight when she had the same bug (hers lasted a lot longer greensad.gif) but her whole body type is changing since then AND the super lax ligaments in her ankles appear to have tightened up significantly, in the span of just a week or two. I'm definitely crediting the A (just through me) for that one.
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omg - that brain fog thing? did I really just hit clear instead of submit? duh.gif


and I was so articulate, too. long story short, then:


Typical hypo symptoms with the exception of weight gain (though before going gf I was gaining weight, and I have been starving at intervals since then, so who knows?), family history of thyroid problems - ggma with a goiter, gma with thyroid troubles, mom with normal TSH but needs armour to function. I also have endometriosis and suspect celiac (some sort of gluten intolerance to be sure, but the prevalance of autoimmune problems in my family and the number of gf family members I have make me think celiac). About two months ago my health tanked, utterly exhausted, cycles went all wacky, so I went in and got my thyroid and a few other things checked.


Lab results (should I say useless lab results? not sure what to make of it all yet):

TSH 1.63 (Dr K book gives 1.8 - 3 range)

Free T3 2.97 (Dr K 3-4.5)

Free T4 1.3 (Dr K 1 - 1.5)


If I follow the Dr K book right, these fit the pattern for either Low Pituitary Function or Underconvsion. This is maybe due to adrenal problems, or long-term inflammation from the endo and gluten? Maybe?


The other thing - I came back with low cholesterol. LDL 64 and Total Cholesterol 128. Now, poking about through the archives here I came across a thread about cholesterol and adrenal fatigue and I think some names I recognized from this thread posted there, and it sounded like y`all were thinking that raising cholesterol would help with the adrenal problems, and in turn with thyroid and hormonal imbalances. My question is ... did it?


I am utterly overwhelmed by the volume of supplements in the Dr K book and have no idea where to begin, and don`t know whether I am on the right track with this adrenal/thyroid thing at all ... any suggestions, any help, any thoughts of any kind would be enormously appreciated!!

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Just got through this entire thread.


My symptoms/issues: Almost 20 years ago I came down with exercise intolerance. I was training in fitness and was a competitive martial artist before the issues began. I would get a sore/bleeding throat and become bed ridden/on abx. Over time I could exercise less and less before coming down with infection. Eventually I went through a stage of needing help to walk to the local store. So ill, thought I was dying. Saw an herbal doctor and she got me back on my feet. Her diagnosis was candida from head to toe. I have had diagnosis since then of CFS (mainstream doctor) and FM by a rheumatologist. I have had alopecia on and off.


Over the years I can't do anything without pain or some kind of muscular fatigue/pain. At time, things like grating a carrot or washing my hair mean that I can't use my hands at all by the end of the day.


Now that I am thinking about it, I had issues before puberty. I was long distant running for my school and I would get sore throats afterwards......mmmmm! Always had the loudest cracking in my ankles too!


I have crazy mucin on my upper arms and outer thighs and I have thinning outer eyebrows. I'm pretty skinny but with a large belly. I don't sleep well, I'm always too cold.


When I got pg with DS I went from 56 kg to 81 kg in the last trimester. My pelvic bones came apart to the point that I needed a wheelchair to go shopping and props to walk around the house during the last 6 weeks before the birth. DS was 14 days 'over due'. I found MDC due to DS having food sensitivity issues. He's currently 9 mo and always has cold hands and feet. I'm obviously concerned for him.


My hypoT symptoms are out of control since the birth. Without going into it all in this post, I very much think I am your adrenal fatigue poster girl.


A few months back I had yet another normal TSH result, I think 2.12.


I just ordered the Dr K and Starr books...the STTM book arrived yesterday...


Another clue to my issue was a visit to a kinesiologist for my DS. He tested me whilst I was there and told me that I have pituitary issues which are affecting my thyroid (hypoT). This was random and unexpected and the very first person to agree with my suspicion.


BTW, I've been gluten and dairy free for around 5 months now. It cured my anemia which has been with me my whole life and no amount of supping iron could cure it. I don't know what my levels are now but my last test was taken not long after going GF. DS is also GFDF. As a kid I had all of the celiac symptoms too. I would be crippled with stomach pain after eating bread but food intolerance was never suspected or mentioned (a whole 'nother story!).


I am subbing with the hopes that I can get some great advice on how to get better and how to help my DS should he have similar issues too.


Thanks so much and thank you JaneS for your great thread!





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