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Dayton HB Transfers

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Has anyone in Dayton had a HB and no "official" prenatal care, and then had to transfer to the hospital for labor / birth?

I'm thinking that in Dayton, particularly MVH and GSH, they get moms in who haven't had any prenatal care with some sort of regularity. So, I'm not thinking they would make a huge deal out of it. But, I don't know.

Has anyone done this? If so, how did they treat you and how did it turn out? I would really hate to see something like CPS being called for lack of prenatal care because you didn't go to an OB...

Thanks for any input!
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Sort of BTDT. I was planning a homebirth, had trouble finding a homebirth midwife till the end. Then ended up never calling because it all went down so fast.

I will say I was transported by Ambulance to GSH. I was not treated the best until they confirmed I had had prenatal care. They wouldn't listen much to my wishes..requested not break water and let him be born in cul, and the went ahead and broke it anyways as he was crowning.

GSH is very difficult to do anything less than a 48 hour stay at, unless you have a nurse who is on your side, like I did. I wasn't able to get out in under 24 hours.

I would say you may have a better chance at MVH with being a transfer, as there is one doc there who has patient's who homebirth.

I also highly recommend avoiding KMH if you are attempting homebirth.

That being said, just be forewarned, that if you call for an ambulance and in labor, they will transport to the closest hospital, not the hospital of your choice. Hence the reason I was at GSH vs MVH where by OBs were located.
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Thanks, khaoskat! That's some good info.

I have birthed at KMH and MVH before. KMH is definitely NOT homebirth or even natural-birth friendly! I know the MVH doc you are referring to, and have used that office for two pregnancies.

I didn't know about the closest hospital with an ambulance info. I am very close to MVH, so I would be okay on that one.

I'm not pg right now, but we do plan to have more kids. I am mostly thinking about going with an off-the-grid MW which wouldn't "count" as prenatal care. I likely wouldn't have the $ to do both that AND back-up with the MVH docs. But I don't want to put myself in a position where I am treated like crap or worse in the event of a transfer without "official" prenatal care. I just think that MVH (and probably GSH too) see a fair number of moms without any or little prenatal care, so I was wondering if they make a big deal of it.

Sounds like GSH gave you a little bit of a hard time, and you did have official prenatal care!

ETA - BTW, the doctor's office at MVH we are talking about won't start seeing you for a pg until 12 weeks. I managed to get in for my first appointment at 14 weeks pg last time, and I was officially noted in my file as "late-start prenatal care"! So apparently, you can't start prior to 12 weeks, but if you are on vacation or something when you are 12 weeks, you will be "late-start". So irritating!
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